When You Outgrow Your Warehouse Processes

It was time for the SMW Autoblok team to face the truth — their warehouse was missing inventory, which resulted in late shipments. In turn, they were expediting parts, which increased operational costs. They needed a change.

The change they needed was the semi-automated storage solution, the LOGIMAT SLL by SSI SCHAEFER. Now, SMW Autoblok is sharing the success they have achieved with SSI SCHAEFER warehousing storage solutions and technology.


“With the LOGIMAT system, it eliminated those issues that we had in the past. It allows us to have comfort that we have more accurate counts and allows us to control our deliveries in a more efficient manner.”

Ron Shibovich, President, Operations Division, SMW Autoblok



Corporate leadership in Caprie-Torino, Italy challenged SMW Autoblok to improve the Wheeling, IL inventory. The goal was to re-organize storage, allowing material handling flow to ship on time with accurate product. This project meant inputting over 30,000 SKUs in many locations and bins!

It was clear that SMW Autoblok needed a solution that could handle its key pick criteria. First, they needed to store small, medium, and large parts. Second, they needed technology that would integrate into the company ERP system. Above all, it would have to be a fail-proof solution that could keep accurate inventory and verify order picking.


After working with SSI SCHAEFER, SMW Autoblok has a system that can handle both internal and external orders. Both order types go from the ERP system to the SSI SCHAEFER warehouse management system. With two LOGIMAT vertical lift modules (VLMs), they can use one for the main automatic picking storage and the other as a redundant fail-safe.

The facility now has the two LOGIMAT VLMs, as well as the SSI SCHAEFER pallet racking system. The employees can pick orders from either location using the same barcoding system. Designed as a singular solution, the barcoding system shares the pick list, invoices, and quotations. With the LOGIMAT Pick to Light feature, achieving error-free picking is easy.


With this new small parts storage system, SMW Autoblok can locate the correct orders right away and the operator can perform storage and retrieval of goods safely and securely. Plus, by implementing the new vertical lift module VLM solution by SSI SCHAEFER, SMW Autoblok was able to implement high-density storage and save floor space. By speeding up the processing time, delivery time for just-in-time parts for production is also optimized.


Download the complete case study to learn more about this semi-automated fulfillment solution to boost productivity and enable just-in-time production.



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