SSI SCHÄFER virtual booth

For us, the LogiMAT trade fair has always been all about personal exchange. And we will continue to do so.

So here we offer you the opportunity to make direct contact for your personal advice. Visit our virtual exhibition stand soon and find out about our sorter and order-picking solutions as well as approaches from the field of Green Logistics. Another focus: logistics software from WAMAS® to SAP.

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Shortly we will present the following topics in our Virtual Booth. If you have any questions in the meantime, please use the contact form!

Our fair themes at a glance.

Sustainable intralogistics

We will present sustainable solutions, such as green crane and green shuttle technology or green conveyor technology. The construction of the logistics facility, Customer Service & Support and the switch to reusable container cycles are also dealt with.

Robotics applications

In the area of robotics, SSI SCHAEFER offers one of the broadest portfolios on the market. Robotics applications are not only important for retail, but also become increasingly essential in industry. They assume numerous tasks and can be flexibly integrated into logistics systems. In hall 1 we will show a highly dynamic solution for efficient single piece picking.

SSI Carrier for e-commerce and omnichannel

In hall 1 we will present the pouch sorter SSI Carrier, a multifunctional and scalable overhead conveying system for e-commerce and omnichannel distribution. With the SSI Carrier, the continuously changing mixture of larger retail orders and smaller direct online orders, as it is for example the case in the fashion industry, can be processed efficiently.

LOGIMAT® storage lift

As a small parts storage and picking solution, the LOGIMAT® storage lift presented in hall 1 can be either used as an autonomous system, directly integrated into SAP via a plug&play solution or connected to other superordinate ERP systems by using the WAMAS® LOGIMAT software.

Customized packaging  

For safe handling of sensitive products, customized packaging with customized packaging inserts is the best option. They are displayed in hall 1 as well.

Logistics Software

At our second stand in hall 8, the main focus lies on the SSI SCHAEFER logistics software. The solutions WAMAS®, WAMAS® GO, WAMAS® Lighthouse, WAMAS® Labor and Resource Management and SAP deliver seamless support for all warehouse and material flow management processes in manual and automated logistics systems.

Automated Guided Vehicles

AGVs are a technology with a bright future. SSI SCHAEFER therefore entered into cooperation with and invested in DS AUTOMOTION, an AGV specialist based in Linz, Austria, in 2018, extending its product portfolio. At LogiMAT 2020, visitors to the enterprise’s stand in Hall 1 will discover how these systems can be integrated into end-to-end intralogistics solutions. SSI SCHAEFER will demonstrate the compact “Sally” AGV for loads up to around 100 kg in combination with the LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module as well as the high lifter AMADEUS in connection with a pallet mobile racking system and a channel storage including SSI ORBITER® in a dedicated area.