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The right conveying system for every application

Euro size containers made of plastic from SSI SCHAEFER

Conveying and transporting with small part carriers

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bild karton- und behälterfördertechnik neue generation

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The right conveying system for every application

FT+ is the world’s largest modular light conveying system and consists entirely of modular and retrofittable elements. The system was developed in line with the strictest economic criteria. No compromises were made with regard to the flexible throughput control, high durability, performance, reduced parts diversity, and modular design. The system has almost no limits when used for warehouse automation, production (connecting work stations and warehouses), and machine integration.

  • Complete solutions from a single source

  • Modular and expandable light conveyor technology

  • Broad range of solutions

  • Consistently high productivity thanks to reliable components

  • State-of-the-art technology ensures high efficiency and throughput

  • Modular light conveying system FT+: throughput of up to 6000 units/h, adaptable throughput control, low operating costs, easy maintenance, modular design conveying weight of up to 50 kg 

  • Ergonomic optimization through our ergonomics@work!®

  • Deep-freeze conveyor technology: suitable for use in environments with temperatures down to -30°C

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