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Configure your SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module with Options to create Genuine Added Value

SSI SCHAEFER offers various perfectly coordinated and exclusive functions and options to enhance the standard version of the system. This optimizes the functionality of the SSI LOGIMAT® in accordance with your ergonomic, performance, and efficiency requirements.

The ergonomics of the work station determine the performance level, especially when picking in accordance with the goods-to-person principle. Work stations made by SSI SCHAEFER provide the best conditions for picking goods. Users are given the best, ergonomic guidance by laser pointers, displays, or light grids, which limit operator errors.


Future Lab: Reduce costs with 100% error-free picking in the SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module with LOGISAFEPICK.

How does the LOGISAFEPICK option work?

A light signal gives pickers information in real time about whether their picking position is correct - both when storing and retrieving. Camera systems follow the exact position of the picker's hand.

Your benefits:

SSI SCHAEFER and strategic partner nexonar are developing a solution that can make picking virtually error-free. LOGISAFEPICK is yet another opportunity to further reduce your logistics costs, along with LOGIPOINTER


LOGIDUAL – Increased Productivity

LOGIDUAL – Increased Operator Productivity

LOGIDUAL allows for alternating retrieval on two output levels in the same access opening.

How does the LOGIDUAL option work?

LOGIDUAL makes the alternating provision of trays possible on two operating levels per access opening. While the operator picks the first tray in the opening, the lift prepares the next tray directly behind it.

Your benefits:

The LOGIDUAL option from SSI SCHAEFER can be used to increase operator productivity. The elevator prepares and provides the trays for picking, resulting in time savings that are equivalent to the average time it would take the operator to change one tray.


LOGITILT – For Ergonomic Retrieval of Stored Goods

LOGITILT – For Ergonomic Retrieval of Stored Goods

LOGITILT is a tray tilting mechanism for ergonomic operation.

How does the LOGITILT option work?

With LOGITILT, the tilt angle can be individually adjusted from 0° to 30° for each tray. You benefit from a reduction in retrieval depth and ergonomic retrieval of the stored goods from the tray.

Your benefits:

The LOGITILT option from SSI SCHAEFER improves the visibility and accessibility of the rear tray compartments. Thanks to the ergonomic operation of the machine, operators do not have to perform physically demanding work, which increases their motivation, wellbeing, and efficiency.


LOGIBAR – Reduced Travel Times and Increased Picking Performance

LOGIBAR – Reduced Travel Times and Increased Picking Performance

The LOGIBAR function from SSI SCHAEFER can be used to acknowledge the picking order or tray change directly under the access opening.

What does the LOGIBAR function do?

The continuous confirmation light barrier under the operating opening enhances the picking performance. The picking order/tray change is confirmed by triggering the light barrier.

Your benefits:

Optimum configuration of the operating element means that you benefit from reduced travel times, an energy-saving material flow, and increased picking performance.


LOGIWORK – For an Ergonomic Retrieval Height

LOGIWORK – For an Ergonomic Retrieval Height

The LOGIWORK option contributes significantly towards improving ergonomics.

What does the LOGIWORK function do?

With LOGIWORK, the working height can be adjusted individually for each operator. The retrieval height can be adjusted in increments of 25 mm to 275 mm. Possible working heights: 800 mm – 1075 mm.

Your benefits:

The adjustable, operator-specific tray output height ensures an ergonomic retrieval height.


LOGIPOINTER – Efficient Operating Aid for Retrieval and Storage

LOGIPOINTER – Efficient Operating Aid for Retrieval and Storage

The LOGIPOINTER function shows employees the correct storage location using a laser pointer, ensuring efficient picking at all times.

What are the special features of the LOGIPOINTER function?

The LOGIPOINTER is suspended from the top beam in the access opening. This makes it possible for the operator to identify each item or bin straight away, as the laser pointer provides optimum illumination for each picking compartment.

Your benefits:

The LOGIPOINTER identifies the picking compartment of the prepared item on the tray. In addition to visualization on the operating terminal, the storage compartment is also highlighted by the LOGIPOINTER. This means that the operator can perform the required action in an extremely efficient manner.


LMB Bins – Quick and Easy Adaptation to Your Stored Goods

LMB Bins – Quick and Easy Adaptation to Your Stored Goods

In the LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module, partition elements prevent goods from being mixed up and/or moved. When choosing the sorting accessory, the simplicity and practicality of the solution are important factors. The LMB lift module bin series from SSI SCHAEFER is designed specifically for use in vertical lift modules.

What are the special features of our vertical storage module bins?

These extremely sturdy bins are optimized for partitioning at a tray depth of 800 mm and can be further compartmentalized with separating walls. This allows for quick and easy adaptation to your stored goods and optimum utilization of the available storage space per tray.

The standard trays in our comprehensive range of plastic containers can of course be upgraded and altered according to your requirements.

Your benefits:

This type of tray filling ensures an optimum goods height and space utilization across the entire tray due to the ideal height of the bins for the tray grid. The LMB bin system is particularly suitable for use in combination with the LOGIPOINTER option from SSI SCHAEFER.

Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT® for small parts storage and picking


LogiGate is a hub gate that separates the elevator travel shaft and the access opening. The hub gate consists of two parts. The two pieces connect via a chain, and the lower half of the gate acts as a counterweight. This function halves the cycle times and saves energy.
SSI Logimat with LogiDrive


LogiDrive is an automatic feature where the tray extends outwards towards the individual. The roller tracks allow for a smooth and quiet operation. This ergonomic feature is great for heavy goods handled with a crane, for example.
SSI Logimat with LogiPull


The LogiPull is a manual, full pull out tray function with two foldout tray mounts. These mounts fit onto the racking uprights, but fixation to the floor is not necessary. The access opening and the folding handles fit with the roller tracks, which minimizes the manual force of the tray extension.


More detailed information about vertical lift modules, the benefits and drawbacks compared to paternoster systems, and the simplicity of digital transformation can be found here.

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Brochure Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT®

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