Ergonomic Operations

A Win-Win Situation for Staff and Operations:
Maximum Workplace Safety, Fewer Sick Days

Back pain is one of the most frequent causes of absenteeism. The ergonomic aspects of a work station layout are becoming increasingly important for keeping employees healthy and avoiding back pain. The SSI LOGIMAT® has numerous ergonomic features to protect backs, so you can turn your warehouse into a comfortable and attractive working environment. 
According to the recommendations of various professional associations, the most important rule when handling loads is to keep your back as straight as possible. Lifting with your upper body curved or bent should be avoided at all costs.
The SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module's unique LOGITILT option demonstrates the solution to this problem. The tray can be tilted in the operator opening by up to 30°, resulting in many other ergonomic benefits at the same time. Queuing up the tray brings the rear bins on a tray closer to the operator. Despite a tray depth of 815 mm, the maximum picking depth is less than 700 mm, which greatly improves the loading condition. The slanted tray position also results in a far more comfortable and healthy posture, as you hardly have to bend your upper body. Another benefit is a better view into the bins on the tray, which along with the ergonomic aspects, also has a positive impact on the speed of operation and the quality of picking. LOGITILT can be used flexibly and purposefully, and can be adjusted separately for each tray and material.
The different heights of the operators should also be considered in the work station layout, along with posture. Height-adjustable work benches and office desks have long been standard practice in many companies. With the LOGIWORK option, these advantages can also be transferred to the storage system. Stooping, stretching, or even working above head height, which was the norm for static racks, become a thing of the past. Safety risks, such as climbing a ladder or using a lifting device, can be efficiently and permanently avoided with a vertical lift module.  
If the items or components being stored are very heavy, and are difficult to lift despite the ergonomic features, it is advisable to use lifting equipment such as a gantry or column crane. The SSI LOGIMAT® options LOGIDRIVE and LOGIPULL provide the best way to reach the stored material on the tray, by sliding the tray out of the Vertical Lift Module to grant a load handling device access from above.
As far as SSI Schaefer is concerned, ergonomics in the warehouse does not only apply to handling and lifting loads. There are many small details throughout the storage and picking process that contribute to a holistic approach to an ergonomic working environment. For example, glare-free LED lighting in the operator opening, for fatigue-free working. Another example is the use of touch panels on each vertical lift module. Mobile terminals are no longer necessary, and operators can work with both hands and without annoying wearables. The issue of workplace ergonomics was also a central focus when designing the software interfaces. The relevant information presented to the pickers must be large in size and easy to read, and must not be full of unnecessary information. The process steps are clearly displayed and self-explanatory, and because operation is intuitive, there is a rapid learning curve while working with the system.
The LOGIBAR option also helps to improve workplace ergonomics, as well as increasing the picking speed/making picking faster. Picking is acknowledged by pressing the bar (LOGIBAR) attached across the whole width of the machine at a comfortable height.  The operator can therefore acknowledge retrieval directly at each picking point, without needing to walk to the touch panel every time.


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