Overview and Workplace Safety

How A Clean And Tidy Warehouse Can Help.

An Untidy Warehouse? You are not the only one

  • Are your goods spread over different areas and rooms?

  • Is your warehouse a chaotic mix of cabinets, different racking, and various bins?

  • Are you storing goods that are outdated, and no longer needed?

  • Are some warehouse items covered in dust?

  • Are you ordering new goods, even though you must still have some somewhere?

  • Do you have extremely high inventory discrepancies?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, then your potential cost savings are considerable. 
It does not matter whether it is a replacement part or tool stored directly in the production area, the dispatch warehouse, the buffer store, or the assembly line supply area, in companies where item storage is not a core competency, and anywhere you find fast-growing structures, using a vertical lift system ensures faster and more sustainable success. 

De-Clutter the Warehouse and Always Keep it Tidy – How Is That Possible?

A vertical storage system, such as the SSI LOGIMAT®, can make the crucial difference, and help to keep your warehouse permanently tidy. The clean, straight lines of the vertical lift module create clarity and organization.
To achieve the maximum success from using a storage tower like this, there are some questions you need to consider when purchasing a vertical lift module:

  • Which goods will be stored in the vertical lift module, and which ones will not be stored?

  • Which bins and partitioning options should be used?

  • Which processes should be implemented (e.g., FIFO, LIFO, etc.)?

  • Which specific areas are necessary for storage and retrieval?

SSI SCHAEFER specialists will be happy to advise you and offer valuable input for your new warehousing, to help you stay tidy and bring transparency to your stock-keeping.

Dust Covers Help Maintain Your High Quality Standards

Dust deposits on stored goods, especially C-Parts, are the norm in many small parts warehouses, and are difficult to prevent. If forklift traffic is prevalent in warehouse buildings, the particles that build up as the tires wear pose a particular problem. More dust is also produced in areas where cardboard packaging and wooden pallets are used. Even if goods are basically resistant to dirt, we are so quality-conscious nowadays that we increasingly demand clean components. A particularly high priority is given to cleaner goods if they are designated for immediate shipment or sale.
The enclosed design of the SSI LOGIMAT® helps to reduce dust deposits by up to 90%, compared to storage in a static rack. The vertical lift module has cover panels at the sides, and a closed roof to keep airborne particles of dirt away from your goods. An optional LOGIGATE [BD1] lift gate in the operator opening can further increase this effect. Using plastic bins, such as those from the LMB series, also makes routine cleaning of the storage locations really easy.

Why are Clean and Tidy Facilities So Important in Lean Management?

Ever since lean thinking became widespread, it has been apparent that keeping facilities clean and tidy is not simply a virtue in itself, but is an integral part of optimization in warehouse and production areas. Established in the context of avoiding waste, a key element of the Toyota production system is the 5S methodology. Freely translated from the Japanese, 5S stands for Sort (de-clutter), Set in Order, Shine (keep the work station clean), Standardize, and Sustain (permanently improve and perform these tasks). Consistent implementation not only increases productivity, it also improves the quality of products and services.  In a de-cluttered warehouse, shortcomings such as damage, dirt, and excess stocks are obvious, and can be specifically dealt with. Search times can be avoided and mispicks reduced to a minimum by having a recognizable structure. The transparency this creates with regard to stocks helps companies to optimize their procurement strategies. After all, it is not about storing a lot of parts, but about having the right parts in stock and available. In a warehouse organized in line with 5S methodology, the inventory is associated with far less effort and fewer inventory discrepancies.


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