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Individual Components Perfectly Linked with your Entire System

For those who want to efficiently store, convey, transport and pick goods and expect optimal handling for their products, SSI SCHAEFER is the place to go. We can supply you with tailored products and systems to assist you in organizing your warehouse processes flawlessly.

You don't always have to get everything from the same place. Sometimes just a single part will suffice: the missing piece of the puzzle to optimize your system, if you will. Needless to say, our team at Integrator Business Automation will be more than happy to help you find the correct component and integrate it into your existing machines and systems. These components could be conveying systems (for large and small load carriers), storage systems, or picking and handling systems, for example. Our wide portfolio, which covers the full spectrum of internal material flows, provides the basis for customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements. Our qualified and experienced employees ensure that the individual components and systems are installed and connected to your existing system smoothly.

Integrator Business Automation core competences:

  • Component supplier for your intralogistics project as well as for linking your existing machines and systems

  •  Strong partner of system integrators. These are companies that combine various components to create a complete system— for tailor-made logistics solutions

  • System provider for specific logistic modules with comprehensive solution competence

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Container and Carton Conveyor System


Conveying & Transport

Material Handling for bins, totes and containers



Manual order picking of barcodes with RFID scanner



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Integrator Business Automation

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