Planning and consulting

Planning and consulting for efficient logistics solutions

Every company has its own specific logistics needs. That is why successful planning needs to begin with a thorough analysis of the current situation. SSI SCHAEFER’s broad spectrum of expertise and experience makes it the preferred partner for all intralogistics projects and processes.

Utilizing state-of-the-art analysis tools, SSI SCHAEFER identifies logistic weaknesses, defines potential savings, and simulates suitable process changes. In an on-going dialogue with you, we successively plan intelligent and economical logistics solutions ranging from global material flow to local picking processes.

We complete your projects from conception to start-up

During the planning phase various solutions are considered and compared and options are presented with regard to their opportunities, risks and financial impact.

A team of technical and commercial experts is involved in this process in order to ensure the future capabilities of your solution. Our solutions are energy efficient in order to help you to plan sustainable buildings.

Green Logistics by SSI Schäfer

Construction Planning and Sustainability

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