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Digital solutions for waste management

Digitalization is moving on unstoppable and confronts companies in the waste disposal industry with big challenges. Digital transformation is causing constant changes in all areas of life - including everyday working life. We have therefore specialized in pushing the digital transformation with you.

Ditigal Transformation

Our vision is our mission

We know that change always requires courage and that it takes overcoming obstacles to break out of old structures. With the products and solutions from SSI SCHAEFER, we intend to ensure that the courage to change does not become a risk but real digitalisation.

Goal-oriented, user-oriented, holistic and digital.

Customized solutions

The freedom to decide the needs as a customer is not a matter of course. Often only ready-made modules are available as products and solutions and identifying the right application is not always easy. Our goal at SSI SCHAEFER is to develop customized solutions for our customers and to give them the freedom to decide what is needed. Independent and transparent.
Customer dialoge

The customer in focus

When developing new products and business models for our clients, we rely on lean start-up and design thinking methods. We first want to understand the real challenges of our customers before we think in potential solutions.

Innovation workshops and digital roadmap consulting are just a few of the services we offer.
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