IOB Bin Standard

The Intelligent Bin

The IOB bin standard sets new benchmarks in the interaction and communication between the citizen, waste contractor and municipality/council. Because of the integration of these three different levels of communication every SSI SCHAEFER bin becomes an intelligent bin – and this is the new standard.

IOB Bin Standard
IMELO truck

Waste Contractor

Communication via the QR-Code and linked to your specific website, here you can show the citizens/ residents the collection dates for all the refuse and recycling bins/boxes/caddies and offer Service on demand solutions as well as utilize the RFID for complete bin management or service verification.
IOB Bin Standard


They can view all their waste and recycling collection dates/days via the QR-Code. They can also report any bin damage and order any on demandoriented services available. They can use the alphanumeric number (unique and different for every bin) for identification purposes, so in heavy built up residential areas they know exactly which bin is theirs.
Municipality, Town Hall in sunrise

Municipality / Council

Clear citizen communication by the help of the unique (and different to every bin) lphanumeric number and offering service on demand solutions. In addition the RFID can be used for complete bin management and service verification.


Intelligent Bin

A UHF RFID label fitted in the lid handle allows identification of the bin by the vehicle. This enables easy route planning and the provision of billing-relevant records to the municipality/council.

Intelligent bin and IMELO HOME app

The alphanumeric number which is laser coded on the bin can be used if the RFID chip is not activated by the municipality/council or contractor. This number is unique and different for every single bin and it enables the citizen, contractor and municipality to register the bin to an address so that any communication between each other relating to the bin is easier

IOB Bin Standard

The citizen/resident can use the QR-Code with weblink to be linked to a specific website, collection calendars showing dates and days for the refuse and recycling bins/ boxes/caddies can be shown along with what waste types are allowed in each container, also any service for demand available can be ordered i.e. extra collections or bin washing service or container repair required etc. The alphanumeric number also identifies the citizen’s bin in the web-portal.

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