SSI Trolley

Three options for your perfect material flow with SSI Trolley

Our SSI Trolley can be used to create manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic overhead conveyor systems. The components are extremely sturdy and can support a weight of up to 105 kilograms. Three options are available:

  • Manual: as transport support, generally for bridging short distances with frequent movement in both directions.

  • Semi-automatic: Utilized for long transport paths extending across multiple storeys or work areas. The system manages the destination automatically.

  • Fully automatic: The system is used where direct access to the goods is either not desired or not possible. The trolleys are identified via bar code or transponder. 

Translog® software optimizes the material flow

Translog® is the powerful and innovative software for all types of overhead conveyor technology and trolley solutions, ranging from individual overhead conveyors to adapter systems for bag sorting. Furthermore, the Translog® software integrates seamlessly into our WAMAS® application suite for warehouse management and material flow control.



Three options for your perfect material flow

  • Low investment costs

  • Highly flexible system design

  • Can be adapted to your requirements

  • Easy maintenance and minimal spare parts stocks

  • Simple expansion due to the modular design

  • Optimizes the material flow


SSI SCHAEFER has developed the SSI Trolley modular conveyor system specifically for hanging goods. This flexible system adapts to your specific tasks and optimizes the flow of goods. Its modular design makes the system easy to extend and expand.