Innovative products and solutions

Innovative products and solutions for complete logistics systems

Same-day delivery, shop-friendly delivery, e-commerce, omni-channel marketing, increasing returns handling and more efficient production supply are all making modern intralogistics more challenging than ever before. Products and processes designed to increase efficiency provide the best means of overcoming these challenges.

SSI SCHAEFER has the answers for your storage, conveying and transporting, picking and handling requirements. Customized products, solutions and systems enable you to efficiently organize your goods for storage and transport within your warehouse or distribution centre.

Your one-stop source for complete solutions to enhance your efficiency

SSI SCHAEFER has a broad range of products and solutions covering the entire internal material flow. These form the foundation for solutions specifically developed to meet your precise requirements. Our products always focus on the overall solution.

SSI SCHAEFER delivers complete systems with an extensive manufacturing depth. Our customers profit from the fact that we manufacture all of the components within the SSI SCHAEFER Group. The communication and compatibility among all of the components play a critical role. SSI SCHAEFER helps to keep you competitive and to always remain one step ahead of your competitors.