How does a vertical lift module work?

A vertical lift module, also known as tray lift and lift storage system, is an automated storage system for small parts. A vertical lift module resembles an oversized drawer cabinet made from metal with two large warehouse areas (carrier areas). The carrier areas can be compared to a rack structure. Trays, similar to rack compartments, that are used to accommodate bins are placed by a lift in a storage compartment in the carrier areas of the vertical lift module.

On the front of a vertical lift module is an operating panel and an opening to retrieve and store small parts. At the push of button on the control panel, the trays are retrieved from the correct storage compartment and moved to the operator opening. This procedure is called the goods-to-person principle. The intelligent software control knows the storage compartment and storage location of all stored small parts and supports efficient and space-saving warehousing in very little space.

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