What is a vertical lift module?

A vertical lift module is a compact, partially automated system which simultaneously takes on both storage and picking functions. It takes up very little floor space, as the items are stored upwards – as in a tower. This makes perfect use of your room height, and gives you high-density storage. There is space for all kinds of goods in a vertical lift module, not just small parts. There is also room for long goods, tools, and whole cartons. With different bin systems, you can create safe and efficient storage solutions for your items.

Vertical lift module operation 
Items are stored and retrieved via the operator opening: the vertical lift module transports the relevant tray to the retrieval point, so that the warehouse staff can pick the items in accordance with the goods-to-person principle. Within the storage system, the stored goods are taken to the optimum storage position on a tray. 

Benefits of a vertical lift module
The storage towers have a range of benefits compared to static storage systems such as static racking or pallet racking. These include optimized picking processes, as well as making full use of the ceiling height. You save time and money, because you no longer have to walk to racks that are a good distance away, for instance. The time that you save can be put towards processing the next order. The ergonomic design of the vertical lift modules also provides a safer working environment for your employees, as they do not have to bend, stretch, or use a step or a ladder. The storage systems also help to achieve high quality picking. Finally, the enclosed design of the tray system helps to protect the items against dirt and dust. So as you can see, a vertical lift module is a true all-rounder. 

The vertical lift module and its possible applications.
SSI SCHAEFER's Vertical Lift Module is called the SSI LOGIMAT®, and is already being successfully used in many projects worldwide. Typical applications include a replacement parts or tool store directly in the production area, the dispatch warehouse, the buffer store, or the assembly line supply area.

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