Waste Management Products

Benefits at a glance

  • Suitable for waste disposal and recycling collection

  • Available in 770 and 1,100 liter versions

  • Compatible with all common standardized chute systems

  • Large volume, low empty weight

  • Conical design enables optimum stacking for transport

  • Sturdy construction guarantees high loading capacity

  • Long service life and corrosion protection through the use of galvanized steel

  • Manufactured to DIN EN 840-2

  • Easy-to-replace covers

  • Sturdy, steerable wheels with locking brakes

  • Convenient handling

  • Outstanding sturdiness and functional reliability

  • No child-safety locks necessary

  • Optional: foot pedal for opening the cover or identification and locking systems

  • Numerous customized versions optimally designed to meet your specific requirements