Crown Worldwide Group - new facility at Johor, Malaysia


Organizations of all sizes can be weighed down by the volume of business records—created throughout a company’s lifecycle—from plant facilities, customers, vendors, to regulatory agencies. How do companies store, locate, and retrieve this mountain of organizational information?

Founded 55 years ago, Crown Records Management, a division of Crown Worldwide Group, continues to safeguard millions of confidential information on behalf of clients across the world. Despite the data-led age, paper-based records continue to evolve in today’s paradigm of compliance, putting stress on the value-chain for a shorter turnaround response time. Records management services as such must then focus on efficiency and security altogether for a seamless record management experience. With SSI SCHAEFER, Crown Records Management implemented the 7-story Mezzanine Shelving System to achieve more usable space and faster retrieval without increasing the facility footprint.