Customer Service & Support by SSI SCHAEFER

Customer Service & Support

Innovative service portfolio for maximum availability of all systems

At SSI SCHAEFER, we understand that maximum availability and rapid reaction when service is required are critical to successfully operate a complex logistics system. We are there for you and offer you competent support. We flexibly adapt our services to your needs and requirements – wherever and whenever you need them and for every scope.

Customer Service & Support 4.0: The future is now

SSI SCHAEFER offers you a broad portfolio of services, which utilize state-of-the-art technologies such as augmented support or data-supported prevention. Our Service Account Managers serve as your central contact person for all service inquiries and also compile your tailored service package.


Customer Service & Support Reactive Services

We are there for you around the clock. Your system has to operate reliably day and night. That is why our support is available up to 24/7. Schäfer Global Call Management enables you to access our entire range of services and to obtain rapid support when needed. The direct connection via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables our technicians to remotely identify and rapidly resolve potential problems.

Our Reactive Services consist of:

Customer Service & Support Preventive Services

Preventive maintenance is carried out by our specially trained service technicians with the help of a Computerized Maintenance Management System          (SSI SCHAEFER CMMS). The SSI SCHAEFER CMMS is an electronic service portal to efficiently manage and control maintenance and repair work on your system. Big data is a central aspect of Industry 4.0. With the help of the SSI SCHAEFER CMMS relevant data can be stored, consolidated and visualized in order to derive profound conclusions. In addition to the actual maintenance activities, preventive services also include inspections, safety inspections, system monitoring along with training for your employees. You benefit from enhanced system availability through early defect and wear detection.



Our Preventive Services consist of:

Vertical Lift Module LogiMat® - Assembly / Maintenance

Maximum performance and availability throughout the entire system life cycle - SSI SCHAEFER offers customized solutions to extend the service life of your system.

Our Life Cycle Management services consist of: