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Logistics Software WAMAS®

Your entire logistics system run by a single software suite

Logistics is characterized by the vast array of constantly changing requirements, which span the entire supply chain. For this, the standardized and proprietary WAMAS® from SSI SCHAEFER is the perfect foundation. WAMAS® combines all your intralogistics components into one intelligent system. The software manages and controls all intralogistics processes. This encompasses efficient and flexible order processing, goods movement, and resource optimization, along with the provision and analysis of logistics performance data.

WAMAS® offers you one-stop solutions

  • Standardized logistics software recognized by Gartner® and Fraunhofer IML

  • MFS for high-performance automation

  • Integration of SSI SCHAEFER and third party components

  • Picking solutions

  • Warehouse control center and information system

WAMAS® is a modular solution that integrates seamlessly into existing SSI SCHAEFER intralogistics and third-party intralogistics landscapes. It is flexibly adaptable with a variety of options for managing manual and automated logistics centers. The system also features open interfaces for problem-free communication with your company’s own ERP system. WAMAS® is the powerful link in your logistics chain, spanning incoming goods, warehousing, picking, and delivery.

WAMAS® provides you with:

  • Extensive functions ranging from warehouse management to the material flow system

  • Compatible with all SSI SCHAEFER components and interfaces to third-party systems

  • Extensive monitoring and control functions

  • Interfaces to a broad range of ERP systems

WAMAS® Lighthouse enables you to monitor, control, and optimize the productivity of your overall system. You can view the logistics process using freely configurable dashboards and enhance the efficiency of your logistics processes thanks to the KPIs.

With our continuous releases and innovations, we guarantee a reliable investment and added value for our customers, supported by a proven server architecture and worldwide 24/7 support.


The perfect answer to all logistics demands.


Using WAMAS® – THE logistics software – SSI SCHAEFER designs you a more efficient warehouse, from warehouse management and right through to the control system, regardless of whether a manual or highly complex automated logistics system is concerned.

In addition to highly advanced processes, WAMAS® is the perfect answer to all logistics demands, providing a comprehensive portfolio of features ranging from warehouse management to transparent monitoring and control functions, as well as interfaces to the broadest range of ERP systems.

The functionalities of the WAMAS® logistics software are not confined to storing and administering goods: WAMAS® manages and controls all of the processes involved in intralogistics. Executing jobs efficiently and flexibly, optimizing goods movements and resources, and providing and analyzing logistics KPIs are only a few of the functionalities offered by the extensive WAMAS® portfolio.


  • Incoming goods

  • Storage

  • Picking

  • Outgoing goods

  • Value added services

  • Cross-docking

  • Stock management

  • Inventory

  • Material flow control

  • Goods tracking

  • Intuitive work station dialogs

  • Guided picking via mobile and voice terminals

  • Unicode and multi-language capability

  • Time zones, regional date, time, and number formats

  • Live views of warehouse processes

  • Report design and planning

WAMAS® has a massive base of installed systems and has proven itself in numerous international projects. WAMAS® enables you to achieve sustainable savings. The availability of our 24/7 service worldwide and up-to-date software releases guarantee you a reliable investment.

  • State-of-the-art usability concepts

  • Manage and optimize multiple sites

  • View of all process levels

  • Integrated performance and optimization functions

  • Easy configuration and adaptation during operation

  • Openness to enable future changes


WAMAS® Logistics Software brochure 2017 English

WAMAS® Logistics Software brochure 2017 English

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