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IMELO disposal logistics

The IMELO product range provides practical products for practical solutions

IMELO is a product range for the information management of disposal logistics that has been developed and produced for 15 years by the Institut für Entsorgung und Umwelttechnik GmbH, a company of the SSI SCHAEFER Group.

IMELO is based around five key product areas:

  • IMELO CONSULT: Consulting and innovative business concepts

  • IMELO OFFICE: Container distribution management, district and route planning

  • IMELO FLEET: On-board computer, identification and weighing systems

  • IMELO SERVICES: Container-related services

  • IMELO PARTS: Hardware and software components

In the year 2000, the first information management solutions for disposal logistics were developed. These form the foundation for today’s systems and products. All of the solutions and components have been designed in close cooperation with the actual users, in keeping with the philosophy practical products for practical solutions.

Comprehensive support
The IFEU brand is one further branch of the company and provides environmental consulting. IFEU’s experts stand for practical and reliable consulting for environmental and hazardous material issues and also assist with the authorities, tendering, energy consulting as well as auditing.


Brochure IMELO

Brochure IMELO

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