Warehouse Modernization

Warehouse modernization or “retrofitting” enables the successive renewal or expansion of facilities while also adapting them to the current conditions and market requirements. With an experienced and competent partner such as SSI SCHAEFER, retrofit projects can be carried out during operating hours. Expert knowledge in analysis, planning, manufacturing and implementation enhance the company’s performance in every area.


High performance and reliable intralogistics are the prerequisites for productivity and competitiveness. Warehouse modernization can maintain or enhance the performance of a system over the long term. These activities, frequently referred to as “retrofitting”, offer companies the opportunity to successively renew or expand their warehouse facilities while they remain operational. In the process, they can be adapted to the current needs and market requirements.

In comparison to completely replacing systems, modernization saves both time and money. Modernization also has a minimal impact on on-going operations and the facility becomes fully available after only a short period of time. Over the long term, successive small modernizations at shorter intervals also make a far more effective contribution to maintaining the value of equipment or the entire intralogistics system than larger overhauls at longer intervals.

SSI SCHAEFER’s top priority is the customer, especially when it comes to modernizing existing facilities. Our experts analyze the specific requirements to determine which retrofit activities are both necessary and effective – regardless of whether you have purchased the original system from SSI SCHAEFER or from another party. The new intralogistics concept is then planned, manufactured and implemented. SSI SCHÄFER updates your systems by replacing components, expanding the facilities or modernizing the IT. This solution is implemented rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively while also optimally integrating new material flows. We always collaborate with our customers to determine the timeline for carrying out the modernization activities to keep any disruptions to the processes to a minimum. At SSI SCHAEFER, we modernize your existing intralogistics system while it remains operational to reduce the downtimes for your company to the absolute minimum. Our experienced implementation team ensures that your retrofit project is carried out as planned and on schedule. This is a reflection of our company values because we are dedicated to our customers!

Increased productivity, performance and efficiency along with energy savings can be achieved through modernization. Processes and goods flows can be optimized and the workstation design modernized. Retrofitting services can also adapt to the existing system to legal regulations. The benefits of the modernization activities that your company profits from simultaneously lay the foundation for your company’s long-term success.

SSI SCHAEFER offers its customers a diverse range of modernization solutions. These are specifically tailored to the company’s requirements and contribute to accelerating, improving and enhancing the performance of the existing intralogistics.

Facility and control system modernization:

Serial technology, drives requiring extensive maintenance, high energy consumption and old, proprietary control systems are outdated. Modernizing drives and control systems along with replacing outdated components with new, energy-efficient units (“green logistics”) can improve performance by up to 30%.

Energy savings from SRM components:

Equipping existing storage-retrieval machines (SRM) with modern control units creates extensive potential energy savings by intelligently linking circuits or energy feedback units, for example.

Expansions enhance efficiency:

Expanding existing systems is another integral part of our modernization solutions. A sustainable improvement in efficiency can be achieved by implementing additional warehouse files or conveyor routes. Modifying existing transport paths, replacing components or converting racks serves to increase the amount of available space.

Process optimization through IT modernization:

Modernizing the IT system landscape by replacing server and client hardware, updating the operating system or databases, modifying or expanding the current IT processes or by implementing a release change also makes an important contribution to optimizing the processes.

The success of your retrofit project largely depends on the expertise of your intralogistics provider. As an experienced full-range supplier, SSI SCHAEFER supports its customers throughout the entire process. This includes the analysis, planning and production along with the implementation of the new components. In doing so, we offer “one-stop” retrofit solutions. We have successfully carried out numerous projects with diverse requirements for renowned companies such as Carlsberg, JYSK, Stute Logistics, SKF or Zott, to the complete satisfaction of our customers – reliably, within the budget and on schedule. Excellence is our strength! Modernize your intralogistics systems with SSI SCHAEFER as your reliable partner and you will benefit from our extensive experience, expertise and knowledge of your industry.

In addition to a comprehensive range of warehouse modernization options, SSI SCHAEFER also offers a very broad service portfolio. This includes rack inspections to DIN EN 15635 “Application and maintenance of storage equipment”. SSI SCHAEFER also has its own officially certified rack inspectors who possess the necessary technical skills to carry out qualified inspections. Warehouse operators must have an annual rack inspection carried out once per year to safeguard the safety of the employees and the pristine condition of the goods. The following racking systems require inspection: static racks, pallet racks, cantilever racks, drive-in racks, drive-through racks, multi-level facilities, mobile racks, ORBITER® racks as well as fully automated AMS systems, high bay pallet racks and channel storage systems.

The inspections consist of visual inspections carried out during operation. The results are documented accordingly and indicated by an inspection badge. If repairs are required, we quickly and competently replace the defective parts with new components. SSI SCHAEFER only utilizes original parts.