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An experts’ blog about IT trends in intralogistics

SSI SCHAEFER launches IT Blog

In the digital age, the world of logistics is constantly and rapidly changing. It is becoming more and more of a challenge to stay on top of the latest developments and the relevance for company logistics. What opportunities would IT trends like "Artificial Intelligence" and "the Internet of Things" open up for your company? How can process and order data be used in the most lucrative manner? And which IT tools can be used to plan employee and system capacity most efficiently, despite fluctuating demand? Answers to these questions and more, as well as suggestions for the development and implementation of new strategies, are provided by IT experts from SSI SCHAEFER in a new blog. Every month, IT specialists, from a variety of different departments, will share opinions on trends and developments in the world of intralogistics on our blog.

"Digital competence is becoming increasingly important in forward-thinking high-tech industries, such as the intralogistics sector and its highly automated installations. Our IT experts are at the forefront of the latest trends and developments within the industry, which means they can offer innovative insights for rapidly changing requirements and markets. This editorial platform will allow our IT experts to share their first-hand experience," explains Franz Bauer-Kieslinger, CEO of SSI SCHAEFER IT Solutions. With 1,200 systems installed worldwide, 500 customers and 50,000 users, SSI SCHAEFER is one of the largest IT providers and a pioneer in innovative software solutions for warehouse operations and distribution fulfilment. More than 1,100 people are employed in IT alone with SSI SCHAEFER globally, all of whom have comprehensive expertise in development and implementation of high-performance warehouse and IT solutions. They are keen to share expert knowledge with operators, logistics experts and other interested parties through their own IT blog.

Topics covered will range from the effects of current trends on the world of logistics and the role of digital components in a warehouse, to retrofitting, cloud computing, SAP, and more. The blog is being launched with the article “The Digital Warehouse - The Challenges (Part 1 of 4)”. In the article, Peter Totz, Director Business Consultancy at SSI SCHAEFER, compares classical warehouse control methods with a self-learning system using a digital twin. "We know that our customers are keen for more information, but are also uncertain about the increasingly important role and complexity of intralogistics IT. We would like to reach both SMEs and companies where IT can make a difference in intralogistics as an audience. Our goal is to make the complex world of intralogistics IT accessible by breaking it down into a variety of building blocks. We would like to prove ourselves as a partner that advises customers and guides them through each step of designing the perfect, tailor-made solution," says Franz Bauer-Kieslinger about the newly launched blog.