Graz CSS

New offices thanks to strong employee growth in Customer Service & Support

Customer Service & Support (CSS) plays a major role within SSI SCHAEFER’s global expansion strategy. With increasing automation and complexity of logistics systems around the world, modern CSS solutions are essential to any business.

To meet the high demand and more stringent requirements, SSI SCHAEFER has more than doubled its number of employees within just a few years: Of the more than 1,500 CSS experts around the world, 130 team members are located in Graz, Austria. This required a new office space, which the staff recently moved into.

The renovated building, close to the Merkur Arena, meets the latest standards and offers the ideal work environment for the complex and dynamic tasks of the Customer Service department. Lots of bright offices lend themselves to highly focused workdays. There are several community and break rooms, kitchenettes, and a large outdoor area where the staff can exchange creative ideas and relax. Another huge benefit are the generous parking spaces and varied dining options, which were created in cooperation with nearby restaurants.

The range of services offered with the CSS solutions from SSI SCHAEFER include classic repair service as well as state-of-the-art maintenance concepts such as SSI Schaefer’s Maintenance Philosophy (SMP) and Predictive Maintenance. “We are growing with the demands of our customers, continuously developing in all things related to technology, expertise, and the number of our employees,” explains Elie Zita, EVP Customer Services at SSI Schaefer.