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Sophisticated Logistics in Reykjavik

Innnes, Iceland's leading wholesaler and importer of high-quality food products, has commissioned SSI SCHAEFER to build a new distribution center at its Reykjavik site. The new warehouse will have a total of three different temperature zones, in which the company's dry goods line, deep-freeze and fresh products will be stored. An innovative combination of automated and manual systems will ensure transparent flow of goods, high performance, and efficient processes.

For Innnes, SSI SCHAEFER is designing the concept, which includes detailed planning of the logistics and visualization. In addition to an automated high bay warehouse (HBW) and an automated mini-load system (ASPW), the project also includes a Cuby shuttle system; a fully automated storage solution which is used to optimize the utilization of space for cartons on trays. Pallet and bin conveying systems will transport the goods, while the SSI SCHAEFER logistics software, WAMAS®, will be responsible for the warehouse management.

The site in Reykjavik has a total usage area of 15,055 m². Approximately 2,800 m² of this space is used for the picking area of fresh products, and a further 5,600 m² by the picking area for the dry goods line and deep-freeze section. The innovative design has the perfect balance of automated and manual processes. The majority of the automation processes within the project will be implemented for the deep-freeze products and dry goods lines. The fresh food warehouse, which applies the person-to-goods principle, will primarily use manual processes.

A three-aisle high bay warehouse for the dry goods line will provide 11,300 double-deep storage locations, which will be quickly and reliably supplied by three energy-efficient Exyz storage-retrieval machines. In addition, a two-aisle shuttle warehouse containing 20,800 storage locations will encourage dynamic processes. Four Cuby lifts and 50 Cuby single-level shuttles will transport bins or cartons weighing up to 35 kg. In this area of the warehouse, SSI SCHAEFER will also install two palletizing and two depalletizing workstations.

The design of the deep-freeze section within the new warehouse is equally impressive. Moving forward, goods will be stored at -25°C in a two-aisle HBW with 3,600 storage locations and trays in a two-aisle ASPW with roughly 9,700 storage locations. SSI SCHAEFER is implementing two workstations for depalletizing and palletizing that are being ergonomically designed in line with the ergonomics@work!® concept. The sophisticated workstation solution boasts logical user guidance and built-in error detection. This way, ergonomics@work! encourages improved efficiency and ongoing improvements.

To ensure seamless processes, the warehouse and functional areas are directly linked to one another using a pallet and tray conveying system on three levels. The entire distribution center will be managed and controlled by the WAMAS® logistics software.

The project is due to start during spring 2019.