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We are there for you around the clock

Our tailored service and maintenance services provide you with the highest availability, safety, and stability. SSI SCHÄFER's Global Call Management enables you to access the company’s entire range of technical support services.

The direct VPN connection enables our specialists to remotely diagnose potential problems and resolve them for you. In addition, SSI SCHÄFER also guarantees short response times.



If a malfunction occurs in your facility or system, our on-call service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During the initial telephone call you will talk to our competent engineers and product managers who will provide you with comprehensive advice:

  • Central hotline number (24/7) and “ITS” ticket tool

  • Guaranteed response times

  • Call-monitoring and customer feedback

  • Call-reporting

  • Use of worldwide escalation structures

If you require on-site assistance from our technicians because a fault cannot be rectified over the telephone or via remote access, SSI SCHÄFER will be there to assist you within a guaranteed short response period. We have many service engineers across all our divisions in order to ensure this. Furthermore, we maintain more than 90 service locations worldwide. Our in-house fault rectification is carried out rapidly and efficiently, and complies with specifically defined escalation mechanisms. Comprehensive reports document every call-out and ensure the necessary transparency required.

You benefit from:

  • The constant availability of qualified SSI SCHÄFER service technicians (24/7)

  • A guaranteed, short response time

  • Minimized problem duration resulting in increased availability.

System monitoring encompasses all measures necessary to ensure that the warehouse computing systems remain constantly operational:

  • System monitoring is provided by a qualified technician using a monitoring tool for remote maintenance

  • Service encompasses all measures necessary to ensure that the warehouse computing system remain constantly operational

  • Escalation of identified problems to the responsible departments

  • Specific monitoring of system-relevant parameters:

    • IT hardware

    • Operating system

    • Application

  • Manual assessment at regular intervals enables the identification and elimination of deficiencies

  • Identification of potential faults through long-term observation

  • Rapid reaction to system error messages

  • Solution proposals and performance data are documented and provided in a monthly report

SSI Augmented Support is the first multi-functional, mobile, real-time video communication system that provides everything necessary for efficient maintenance and repair work. The system is highly flexible and user-friendly, and as a result, it improves the working processes in many areas while also saving on time and costs.

An on-site technician activates the SSI Augmented Support, which then establishes a connection to SSI Schaefer Technical Support. Activities are transferred in real time, enabling the support staff to immediately begin assessing the problem and determining the situation. This eliminates any communication misunderstandings and allows the fault to be rectified rapidly with voice and video support.

Due to its innovative design, the headset can also be used with a safety helmet and the central unit (PDA) features an integrated touchscreen that can be operated whilst wearing gloves. The unit itself can also be clipped onto a belt or worn on a strap.

As a result, it does not impede movement and leaves both hands free to operate the machine. The PDA’s operating menu has a simple and intuitive design, which, along with all other features of the system, is designed to ensure rapid and effective rectification of faults.

The focus lies on eliminating any delays and rapidly putting the system back into operation while avoiding time-consuming and costly travel.

  • Intuitive, audio visual communication between your on-site service technician and the SSI SCHÄFER support employee

  • The video function on the headset provides the support employee with a real-time view of the on-site situation

  • Screen information can be exchanged via the device’s sharing function

  • Cost reductions through faster troubleshooting

  • Reduced system downtimes

  • Support by experts and trained personnel

If you have any software questions, our qualified SSI SCHÄFER software service technicians are available to provide support for your system.

The service portfolio includes:

  • Questions about our operation

  • Troubleshooting in the event of faults

  • Expansions to our software to integrate new business processes into existing systems.

Naturally, we also upgrade existing systems to new releases in order to keep your system on the cutting edge of technology. In addition, we provide assistance with combining connected systems along with databases, operating systems, and interfaces to third-party systems to guarantee the maintenance of your system’s availability.

We rely on:

  • Qualified software technicians available around the clock

  • Local service teams worldwide

  • Employees trained in our customers’ language and culture

  • Networking our software support with the SSI SCHÄFER development teams from other divisions (such as mechanical components)

  • Integrating third-party database and operating systems

  • Integrating our customer assistance into the SSI SCHÄFER support network in order to provide online assistance



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