Waste Management Products

Benefits at a glance

  • Rapid and easy emptying with efficient single-person operation

  • Container sizes: 1.6 m3, 3.2 m3, and 5.0 m3

  • Robust and durable: “Quality, made in Germany”, made of emerging galvanized steel panels, with optional additional paint finish

  • Modular base system enables quick retrofitting at any time: Depot containers can be divided into two or three chambers using partitions, enabling one container to simultaneously collect up to three types of waste

  • Greater efficiency: SSI SCHAEFER depot containers can be emptied 20 times per hour in comparison to 12 times per hour for standard depot containers

  • Corner reflectors and stickers for labeling the materials

  • Self-closing flap on the openings protect against fire emergence and water ingress

  • Additional sound dampening through the optimum insertion depth when emptying the container

  • Special designs for bulky and large-volume packaging waste

  • Optional extras: Partitions for 2 and 3 chamber systems, sound insulation, special flat for textiles, large opening for LVP/residual waste, paint finishes

  • Other openings or partitions can be easily fitted with little work

  • Optional: Depot container 3.2 m3 – non-assembled/boltable: Reduces the transport volume by 70%, rapid and easy on-site assembly, damaged parts can be replaced individually, special designs are compatible with existing depot container systems