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The ability to effectively meet customer needs by delivering the right products to the right location at the right time is one of the main concerns of a logistics manager. A warehouse is no longer just a space for inventory storage and handling. It is a key element in the supply chain, strategic performance, and even customer satisfaction.

It has become vital to have high-performance equipment to increase competitiveness, particularly through the automation of logistics processes.

The choice of the intralogistics partner who will accompany you in the development of your warehouse is crucial to getting logistics solutions adapted to the specific needs of your warehouse and your industry.

This article will help you to discover how to choose the right intralogistics partner for your warehouse.

#1: Intralogistics expert with a global presence

Are you thinking about optimizing your warehouse and implementing new automated solutions? You can use multiple manufacturers or a turnkey solution from one partner.

What if you choose the individual solutions from one partner?

In intralogistics sector, 70% of operating costs are related to travel within the building. Walking between functional zones can account for up to 80% of order picking time.

Before starting up a new process design, it is necessary to audit the current operations of the warehouse. It will help determine the preferred level of automation and set the right goals for the project. Productivity can be improved across all four functions of a warehouse: goods receiving, stocking, order picking, and shipping.

The operations of your warehouse have their own specific needs and issues: its surface area, storage capacity, ceiling height, order preparation management and the product types (large volume, small parts, food, fragile items, etc.) will all be the factors to consider when optimizing your warehouse.

With warehouse automation there are two main approaches:

  • Address several professional manufacturers with specialization in one particular area,

  • Choose an intralogistics partner who will be able to provide an individualized solution.

100% automation is rare and in most cases is excessive. A thorough audit of tasks and goals will reveal the most viable solution.

Boost efficiency with a single point of contact

It is quite possible to hire several manufacturers, by a sphere of expertise: specialists in warehousing, picking, shipping and logistics software suppliers. However, you will have to launch as many tenders as necessary to select all the stakeholders for the desired intralogistics solution. Then, once the suppliers have been selected and their solutions put in place, you will have to ensure that the maintenance is carried out by each of them. On the one hand, this will require careful and long-term support, on the other hand, there are real risks of customs clearance of one or another service provider in the event of a breakdown.

In addition, logistics software should be a single solution integrated within the whole organisation globally.

Opting for a globally standardized intralogistics solution, driven by a flexible warehouse management system, and installed and maintained by the same supplier, will undeniably make your work more efficient and less complicated.

#2: It pays off to request reference visits

The quality of the intralogistics solutions provided for other companies, their durability and the employees' satisfaction with the system on-site, will be the criteria that will help you choose a partner.

Quality is everything

If you opt for an individual solution, the selected partner should be able to provide you with products and systems developed in-house and guarantee a thorough control and full responsibility for any aspects provided by subcontractors they hire.

As a manufacturer and integrator, SSI SCHAEFER develops complete hardware and software solutions, specially designed to run high-performance logistics systems. Thus, the company ensures the vertical integration of all intralogistics components into a powerful overall system that meets high standards of control and quality.

Towards even more innovation

The rapid evolution of commerce in a digital and international context requires agile, intelligent, scalable, and innovative solutions. Systems are becoming more complex: now it is necessary to synchronize WMS solutions, and optimize and manage logistics flows.

In intralogistics, it is essential to actively monitor and control the supply chain, especially for omnichannel flows that can vary greatly from day to day, depending on demand. The implemented system must be scalable to anticipate changes and anticipate future needs to increase responsiveness.

Bet on established expertise and prioritize sustainable support.

Years of expertise

Long-term collaboration creates innovative, relevant, and scalable logistics solutions for your warehouse today and tomorrow.

SSI SCHAEFER, founded in 1937, has evolved from producing sheet steel metal to one of the most efficient intralogistics solution providers in the world. Innovation is one of the key values of the company, which has developed its expertise to offer its customers increasingly efficient sustainable solutions.

Demand individual support and advice

The intralogistics needs of a company depend on its business, its goods, its organization, and its corporate culture.

A comprehensive solution cannot be made without a methodical and complete analysis of the personal situation. Modernization or initial planning of a warehouse is a highly strategic project. It is recommended to choose a supplier who offers you global support from the study of your logistics processes to the turnkey intralogistics installation and future maintenance services.

Thanks to its experts, especially technical and commercial, the partner will explore all the alternative solutions to offer you the most adapted to your problem, and the most cost-effective. Once the installation is complete, the chosen partner must ensure the maintenance and operation of the systems to ensure that their customers have the availability of their installation and the ongoing protection of their investment.

SSI SCHAEFER offers you reliable cooperation: audit and consulting, design and implementation of high-performance solutions developed in-house, and long-term service. Commitment to customers is the highest priority for the company, the motto: “we never leave the customer standing out in the rain.”

In the field of intralogistics, the use of a global supplier contributes in many ways to the success of your business. A central and major challenge of the supply chain is the automation of your warehouse. It requires you to be accompanied and advised, at each stage of your project, by an interlocutor with solid expertise to improve the logistics of your warehouse.

A single intralogistics provider will be able to offer you an individual solution, developed to improve your warehouse space and your flow of goods with efficient solutions and systems to meet your intralogistics challenges.

Go for safety by working with SSI SCHAEFER which prioritizes the commitment to every customer. The group continues to invest in R&D, production facilities, and people to meet all the needs of its customers.