CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)

The Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is the computer-supported system from SSI SCHÄFER that is used to efficiently manage and steer maintenance and repair work on your system. CMMS optimizes and documents the maintenance activities. In the process, it significantly enhances maintenance efficiency and also safeguards the operation of your system.

All of the benefits of optimized maintenance management in one system:

  • Paperless processes

  • Electronic documentation of the maintenance activities

  • Practical hand-scanner for technicians, enabling detailed documentation of the maintenance work for every component in the system

  • Effective organization of the maintenance work

The CMMS includes access to the online service portal, barcodes for every system component, a hand-scanner for the technicians along with CMMS training and set-up. This system is utilized for preventive maintenance, repairs and also as part of the SSI Resident Maintenance® SSI SCHÄFER’s comprehensive system service.

The comprehensive maintenance and repair history is available around the clock at the press of a button. The service reports are generated automatically and provide detailed records of presence and maintenance times via barcode scanning. Technical documentation and maintenance instructions are available at all times. This solution enhances the quality of your maintenance and repairs, safeguarding the long service life of your system. The spare parts used are also detailed in the report and can be easily re-ordered via the web shop in the service portal.