Custom Service for Maximum Availability of All Systems

Every system is different and there is a variety of growing demands on logistics. The desire for custom services and reliable support are constant, however. This is the only way that highest quality, maximum system availability and a decades-long supply of spare parts can be guaranteed. In machine and plant construction, all of these factors form the basis for long-term partnerships.

Elie Zita, an expert in all things related to customer services, knows exactly what makes the difference and explains how custom, all-round service lets customers sleep soundly.

After-sales support is continuing to increase in importance. Against this background, we have developed a broad and innovative service portfolio using the latest technologies, like augmented support or data-driven prevention. The services range from 24/7 technical support to warehouse modernization to preventive maintenance. With this integrated approach to continuous system maintenance and service, plus individually tailored service designs, our Customer Service & Support (CSS) team is able to ensure maximum system availability. With firmly calculated costs and framework conditions, the customers can concentrate on their core business. We take care of everything else.

The SSI SCHAEFER Maintenance Philosophy (SMP) is an extended approach to the sophisticated SSI Resident Maintenance® concept, that is an all-round system service performed by certified on-site service technicians. Based on the three core elements consisting of the SSI Resident Maintenance team, best practice processes for technical maintenance and repair, and integrated service tools and systems, SMP includes operative processes within the scope of conventional, reactive system maintenance. Yet, its integrated approach goes much further: It includes upstream analysis and consulting processes for continuous system maintenance and the implementation of individually designed preventive activities, as well as the development and integration of SSI Resident Maintenance teams for permanent system maintenance. In this way, SMP breaks from the reactive maintenance cycle and transforms it into a dynamic, integrated process for maximum system performance, lifetime and availability. It is implemented in three phases.

Carefree in Three Steps

1.     Service Design

We analyze the needs of the customer and select appropriate services from the CSS portfolio which are then modified to meet local demands. Practical requirements often include tasks like continuous technical support, preventive maintenance and systems service, automated evaluation and maintenance tools for continuous measurement, while safeguarding and documenting system performance.

2.     Service Transition

Our highly qualified technicians provide support with on-site presence and, in parallel, a separate service team, which will be at the customer’s site on a permanent basis, is established. The technicians recruited by SSI SCHAEFER receive the expertise about the installed components and trades during intensive trainings provided by the in-house training department. They are further familiarized with system-specific tasks on-site. We also implement the required infrastructure, which is often critical for ensuring proper implementation of the service catalog agreed upon with the customer. Topics like optimized spare parts management in the logistics center, allowing quick action at any time, are highly important in the daily operations.

3.     Service Operation

An administrative and operational group executes efficient implementation of SMP. The former, the central Resident Maintenance Management Team, leads the local team and offers around the clock remote and hotline support for more complex technical issues. The local (operational) team performs scheduled maintenance, operational support, troubleshooting, lifecycle and spare parts management, and develops a continuous improvement process. While executing their activities, the teams consider customer-specific processes in the system, to prevent disruptions as best as possible.

Our proprietary Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) supports the service operation. It facilitates digital planning and control for all necessary maintenance measures and visualizes the incurring activities at the push of a button. As a consequence, optimization potentials can be continuously used and costs successively reduced.

The SSI SCHAEFER CMMS consists of the core elements CMMS Web and CMMS app. The system is linked to the real world using 1D or QR bar codes attached to each system component as well as with smart phones and tablets for on-site service technicians. On the CMMS Web, the maintenance manager plans the preventive measures, which the technicians can then process and document after syncing the CMMS app on their smart phones. In the event of a malfunction, reactive maintenance activities can be performed without losing any time or requiring any additional planning effort. All data are gathered and evaluated centrally in CMMS Web. The continuous exchange of data between all elements ensures the creation of a consistent database for analyses, evaluations and sustainable maintenance management.

Your benefits:

  • Integrated: Custom service from a single source

  • Long-term: Professional support throughout the maintenance process for the entire life cycle of the system

  • Reliable: Fulfillment of agreed performance values

  • Powerful: Continuously improved performance and maximum return on investment (ROI) thanks to the proactive support approach

  • Security and “no surprises”: Minimizing risk and limiting the unexpected need for technical resources


Elie Zita - EVP Customer Services SSI SCHÄFER


Elie Zita, EVP Customer Services at SSI SCHAEFER