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Mobile rack reference Bankok Seafood

Fresh and tasty: deep-freeze storage solution for Marja Bothnia Berries Oy

Only the freshest berries will reach your table, and there is enough for everyone!
SSI Schaefer is providing Marja Bothnia Berries Oy with a flexible and compact storage solution for their deep-freeze area at the new warehouse in Mustasaari, Finland.
Marja Bothnia Berries Oy is well known on the market as a wholesaler of frozen berries of all kinds: lingonberry, bilberry, cranberry, e.t.c. To get the freshest berries from the woods to your kitchen the company organizes the full cycle: picking, cleaning, freezing, and delivering to customers.
Marja Bothnia Berries Oy’s business is both within the country and export. Thus, the new warehouse will be responsible for handling rather large volumes of goods and will ensure that operations are well-equipped to handle the growing demand and future expansion plans for the company.
SSI Schaefer has a good reputation on the market for its cold chain and frozen food storage and handling solutions. This together with both companies’ common ground - focus on sustainability - were the reasons to hire SSI Schaefer as a supplier for the job.
The new facility has more freezer space to store the ready goods before shipping, serving as a buffer. For Marja Bothnia Berries Oy, the main goals for the deep-freeze area were efficient space utilization and high accessibility of each pallet. To fulfil these requirements SSI Schaefer has provided the customer with 32 aisles of Mobile Racks divided into 3 freezer systems. The equipment is supported by our partner’s WMS - Logisoft. The deep freeze area will ensure 5,704 pallet locations.
The project will be finalized and released into operations in October 2021.

Coop Sweden visit

How and why Coop is shifting from manual operations

From manual to one of the largest automated distribution centres
In October 2020, Coop, one of the leading food retailers in Sweden, and SSI Schaefer, one of the world’s leading providers of intralogistics products and systems, announced the starting point of their long-term collaboration.


Black Friday: Mastering exuberant order volumes efficiently even at peak times

In e-commerce, with its exponential growth rates that further explode on global promotion days such as "Black Friday," it is a matter of serving increasingly demanding consumer wishes quickly, efficiently, and at the highest level of service. To be able to do this and remain competitive, the need for automation with reliable technological and digital innovations is increasing. SSI SCHAEFER supports this transformation as an intralogistics partner with decades of experience and a very broad product range - from the SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lift module to AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and SSI Carrier overhead conveyor technology to the high-performance 3D-MATRIX Solution® automated warehouse and WAMAS® logistics software.

WMS - validated Fraunhofer Institut

SSI SCHAEFER Software successfully validated again

The Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) has successfully validated SSI SCHAEFER software in the validation of Warehouse Management System (WMS) solutions. With the help of the manufacturer-independent "WMS Online Selection", Fraunhofer IML supports companies in selecting the optimal suitable WMS and provider. The validation signet once again confirms the quality of SSI SCHAEFER software solutions.


Moving on: Automated logistics solution for Schou

Schou, the largest Scandinavian retailer of non-food items, has commissioned SSI SCHÄFER as a general contractor for their new automated logistics centre in Kolding, Denmark. The company’s business is B2B selling to the majority of Nordic retail chains and foreign retail customers.

SSI Flexi Shuttle

SSI SCHAEFER receives order to build a new logistics center for tegut...

The supermarket chain tegut... based in Fulda, Germany, has commissioned SSI Schaefer to build a new logistics center in Hünfeld-Michelsrombach, Hesse, Germany. With approximately 290 supermarkets in Hesse, Thuringia and Bavaria as well as in Göttingen, Mainz, Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg, tegut... is becoming more and more popular and is on a path of steady growth. The new distribution center will be built in the logistics park “Hessisches Kegelspiel (Hessian Skittles)” in the heart of the tegut… trading area, with a perfect connection to the A7 motorway. From there, the increasing number of tegut… supermarkets can be supplied efficiently and reliably thanks to the intralogistics automation technology by SSI Schaefer. tegut…’s product range, which has been expanded over the years, will be accommodated in the new logistics center with a footprint of 90,000 m². Capacity for future growth has also been considered. In the future, around 17,000 products will be stocked, handled and made available for shipping at up to 130 shipping gates.

Shuttle System Cuby with up to 36 storage levels

Ponsse invests in future-oriented solution for its warehouse

With the implementation of an intelligent automation concept for intralogistics for production supply, SSI Schäfer has laid the foundations for a 50 percent increase in production output at the assembly plant of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forest machines company Ponsse.

PR Tallink pic

Destination: e-commerce. Tallink is expanding its warehouse picking solution

Tallink is exploring new opportunities and expanding its warehouse picking solution.

In June 2021 Tallink has signed a contract with SSI Schaefer for 7 SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lift modules.
Tallink is a leading provider for mini-cruises and passenger transportation in the Baltic sea area with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia.

dsv canada

The global 3PL company DSV opts for the overhead conveying system SSI Carrier

Flexible pouch sorter solution for e-commerce fulfillment

Changes in consumer and purchasing behavior are posing major challenges for many companies. Customers expect permanent availability of products and fast delivery to their doorstep. This increases the pressure on companies to meet the ever more complex customer requirements more efficiently. The need for automation with reliable technological and digital systems rises to be able to process orders quickly and ensure a high service level. Modern logistics systems such as the pouch sorter SSI Carrier by SSI SCHAEFER are able to meet these requirements. Thanks to the overhead conveying system, the global 3PL transport and logistics company DSV has sufficient capacity to deal with the exponential e-commerce growth of their customers and the massive seasonal order peaks - while handling products extremely gently.

WAMAS WMS - Gartner News

SSI SCHAEFER Software WAMAS® listed in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WMS

The renowned US research and advisory company Gartner, Inc., lists SSI SCHAEFER with its software WAMAS® in the "Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems".