Oslo-based NorgesGruppen ASA, one of the leading retail groups in Scandinavia,

Asko: major contract for a highly automated distribution center for groceries

Oslo-based NorgesGruppen ASA, one of the leading retail groups in Scandinavia, has commissioned SSI SCHAEFER to construct a new logistics center for its subsidiary company ASKO OSLOFJORD AS. The installation will be designed to handle the highly dynamic storage and picking of groceries from the dry and frozen foods segments. In order to achieve this, SSI SCHAEFER will build two high-bay warehouses, one automated miniload, and a highly dynamic shuttle warehouse based on the 3D-MATRIX Solution®. Robot technology will also be deployed to support the automated material flow.

The contract was awarded during “Logistica”, an expert forum held by SSI SCHAEFER with over 250 international participants at the end of September in Graz, Austria. As general contractor, SSI SCHAEFER will be responsible for developing the logistics concept, the design planning and the construction of the turn-key installation for the retail company Asko. The overall project includes a comprehensive infrastructure for system and warehouse technology as well as for conveying systems. It contains of material flow management, visualization and a warehouse management system. The anticipated completion will be in 2021.

The highly automated distribution center will be built at Sande, approximately 50 km south of Oslo, Norway, and will have three different temperature zones. Ambient, chilled and frozen and a highly efficient cross dock and consolidation area. The center will incorporate a six-aisle high-bay warehouse (HBW) and a highly dynamic shuttle warehouse for the storage of the dry goods lines. The HBW will have around 19,000 pallet storage locations, which will be served by six energy-efficient Exyz type storage and retrieval machines (SRM). The depalletizing required to store the goods in the highly dynamic shuttle warehouse will be fully automated and carried out by two robots. Once the project is completed, a Navette system with multi-level shuttles and lifts will be in place to ensure processes are as efficient as possible. The design, based on the 3D-MATRIX Solution, enables storage, buffering and sequencing in one system. This allows cases that were previously put into temporary storage to be handed over to the palletizing robots in an exact sequence. A second HBW will be built for the deep-freeze products. This will contain around 3,700 pallet storage locations for double-deep storage at -28 °C, which will be served by two further SRMs. After manual depalletizing, eight Schäfer Miniload Cranes will be used to store the deep-freeze cases in an eight-aisle automated miniload with 25,600 tray storage locations. Fully automated palletizing of the cases will then be carried out by robots. A wide range of pallet and bin conveying systems will link the different areas to the shipping buffer which consists of the SSI Schäfer pallet shuttle systems. The WAMAS® logistics software from SSI SCHAEFER will be used for job and stock management and coordinated management of the complex material flows. The system’s visualization is a particular highlight as, thanks to WAMAS, it enables capacity utilization to be optimized at any time.