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Budweiser Expands its Operations with SSI SCHAEFER

Traditional Czech brewery Budweiser Budvar has commissioned SSI SCHAEFER as a general contractor to create and equip a new distribution center at its production site in České Budějovice (Budweis).

The contract was awarded as a follow-up project. Back in 2009, SSI SCHAEFER implemented a three-aisle automated high bay warehouse (HBW) for Budweiser with a direct link to production. At the time, the system layout was designed as a growing, future-proof solution that would accommodate the upcoming expansion.

The new project will see SSI SCHAEFER establish a second site at the brewery's headquarters, where the intralogistics specialists are creating a seven-aisle HBW with more than 19,000 pallet storage locations. Storage-retrieval machines (SRMs) from SSI SCHAEFER's latest Exyz generation will ensure quick, energy-efficient processes with more than 160 pallet stock additions and 280 pallet retrievals per hour. Furthermore, the existing installation constructed in 2009 is being incorporated into coordinated material flows with a nonreactive product transport. The production building and the new distribution center will be linked via a bridge over the street with an electric monorail system (EMS). In the new distribution center, an additional EMS with 21 vehicles will transport pallets between the HBW pre-zone and the dispatch area. The systems in the existing buildings will also be connected via a conveying system. In addition to roughly 730 conveying system components, SSI SCHAEFER is also installing a pallet checking station and empties checking function, a pallet changer, and a new material flow system. The in-house developed WAMAS® logistics software with WAMAS® Lighthouse will ensure transparent processes and user-friendly visualization of the system, while the configurable dashboards will make it possible to optimize material flows at any time.