Interview with Benno Reichmuth, CEO South West Europe of SSI SCHAEFER

Interview with Benno Reichmuth, CEO South West Europe of SSI SCHAEFER

The German-based SSI SCHAEFER Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of intralogistics products and solutions, has finalized the 100 % acquisition of Incas S.p.A., the leading Italian player in supply chain automation.

Mr Reichmuth, Incas becomes a member of the SSI SCHAEFER family – SSI SCHAEFER just announced the acquisition of Incas. How do you evaluate that decision?
The integration of Incas into the SSI SCHAEFER Group was an important strategic decision. Thanks to shared values and strategies, the two companies fit perfectly together. The powerful portfolio combines both companies’ strengths – thus, in times of digitalization and networking, we are perfectly equipped in the long term.

How important is the Italian market to SSI SCHAEFER? What development is expected?
Over the last couple of years, the relevance for SSI SCHAEFER of the Italian market increased. With the Incas acquisition, we take account of this and increase our position in Italy, sustainably.

What are the synergy effects for the industry and customers in Italy?
The acquisition of Incas, with its almost 200 employees and strong competence in system integration and IT, fits perfectly into the overall strategy of SSI SCHAEFER and strengthens our local presence in South West Europe substantially. In line with the company’s motto, “Think global, act local”.

What strengths and competences does Incas supplement the portfolio with?
Incas offers industrial automation solutions for logistics and production monitoring as well as integrated system & software solutions to its customers. The deal fosters the creation of a leading player in supply chain automation in Italy. Besides, the company will benefit from additional flexibility, skills and know-how on the Italian market with the rich technology and solution portfolio of SSI SCHAEFER thanks to the acquisition.