Woolworth 3D Depiction

Intralogistics by SSI SCHAEFER supports further growth at Woolworth

Only several kilometers away from the previous location in the eastern Ruhr area in Germany, the ERL Euro Retail Logistics GmbH builds a new central warehouse on behalf of the Woolworth GmbH. SSI SCHAEFER was awarded the contract for the implementation of intralogistics. A balanced mix of manual and automated processes characterizes the solution to be implemented.

In the medium term, the traditional retail company, which sees itself as a local supplier of everyday consumer goods, would like to expand its nationwide store network from around 400 to 800 stores. The hub for the supply will be the new company headquarters in the industrial estate Unna/Kamen, directly at the A1 highway. The headquarters include an administration building and a new warehouse and distribution center with five halls. On an area of approx. 50,000 m², around 40,000 pallets will be stored in the SSI SCHAEFER longitudinal beam rack PR 600. Additionally, a static rack system R 3000 to archive files as well as a three-aisle miniload for double-deep storage with more than 29,000 bin storage locations will be installed. The SSI SCHAEFER logistics software WAMAS® controls the material flows. The system is operated by ERL Euro Retail Logistics GmbH and stores and prepares a wide range of home textiles, household supplies, fashion for women, men and children, decorating materials and drugstore products as well as stationary, notions and sweets for shipping.

Designed for continuing expansion

In August 2019, the gradual installation of the racks was started. The miniload will be installed starting from January 2020. It is scheduled to be launched in July of the same year. “Our new central warehouse provides sufficient capacity for future growth,” says Heinz Lutermann, General Manager ERL Euro Retail Logistics GmbH. “At the same time, we take advantage of a fast and secure provision of goods from the miniload and combine them with classic person-to-goods processes in the forklift-controlled pallet warehouse.” This ensures maximum delivery quality. All in all, about 8,000 items will be stored in the future. Approx. 2,100 of them in the miniload. This translates to a performance of about 16,500 of more than 250,000 store positions per day. “SSI SCHAEFER convinced us as a full-range supplier of manual and automated logistics solutions,” comments Mr. Lutermann on the reasons for choosing the logistics supplier.

Optimized material flow solution for store supply

In the future, the empty bins provided at the goods-in area are filled with goods at the four repacking work stations and are conveyed to the miniload after a contour and weight check. There, three storage and retrieval machines, type Schäfer Miniload Crane, are in charge of storage and retrieval processes. On the long side of the miniload aisles, a total of 2,178 dynamic channels are implemented for manual picking. The required items are taken from the corresponding dynamic channels until the order is complete and ready for shipping. A repacking and clearing station facilitates repacking remaining items from the pallet warehouse and e.g. processing items that are past their best before date.

The go-live date for the entire system is planned for July 2020.