New smart home for your favourite to-go salad

Fresh Servant, the market leader in ready to go packaged salads in Finland, has commissioned SSI Schaefer to build a new logistics centre for its distribution complex in Edsevö. In addition to a new logistics centre, SSI Schaefer will modernize one of Fresh Servant’s existing logistics solutions.

The food revolution is driven by ultra-freshness, quality, ease and product variety. For this reason, we have chosen to invest in one of the most modern logistics centres in the food industry in Finland and the Nordic countries; providing a reliable, fast and cost-effective flow of goods from the factory to the store and eventually to the customer’s plate. In addition, efficient and responsible logistics reduce food waste and the carbon footprint.” says Sami Haapasalmi, CEO of Fresh Servant.

The new solution will provide storage capacity of 10,440 tote locations, increase picking performance and ergonomics, and ensure dense and seamless flows within the complex. SSI Cuby Automated storage buffer with 2 aisles and 58 shuttles operating at optimised temperatures will ensure that only fresh and tasty salads reach the customers’ tables in perfect condition.

The project will be fully launched in August 2022. 

The general contractor was selected owing to its flexibility in product and solution development. Willingness to adapt to the business needs of the client and scalability integrated into each system helped them to find the right approach to obtain Fresh Servant’s goals.

The business has seen significant growth over the last 10 years. Due to the pandemic the existing production and warehouse sites needed to be enlarged and modernized in order to cover growing demand and to serve future expansion plans. The customer rounded up the requests to address the certain areas that needed improvement the most: capacity, the current level of automation and picking performance.

Always striving for a future-proof and innovative approach, Fresh Servant decided to invest in automation. First, the existing facilities needed to be linked to the new intralogistics centre. The updated process design will include an extensive conveying system connecting all areas within the currently operating logistics layout and added locations. Ready goods will proceed from the production lines to the SSI Cuby shuttle system automated buffer to be stored at optimal temperatures. The goods will then be delivered by a conveyor to the flow rack station for packing to customer totes. The picked order totes will be sent back to the SSI Cuby buffer which will also serve as a shipping buffer for order consolidation. Once consolidated the totes will be released for palletizing on the ground floor as well as shipping. SSI Schaefer has also added a new empty totes buffer to ensure a faster and more efficient flow with no bottleneck.

SSI Schaefer | May | 2021

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