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Siemens Industry Day in Technology Center

How can the material flow in companies be further optimized? What solution concepts are currently available? How do you make your business fit for the future? These and other questions were discussed at the Siemens Logistics Industry Day on 09/20/2017 in Würzburg. Contributions came not only from experts at Siemens, but also partners and customers presented solutions and trends in logistics. World-leading intralogistics supplier, SSI SCHAEFER, gave insights into the challenges facing intralogistics and integrated solution concepts. As part of his talk, Robert Schamal, Director Business Consultancy at SSI SCHAEFER, presented intelligent solutions, dynamic systems, and integrated concepts.

After the presentations, the participants visited the SSI SCHAEFER Technology Center in Giebelstadt. Within the 4,500 m² center, visitors had the opportunity to see various intralogistics components in action and learn about individual logistics solutions and the development of systems, which are being designed to meet the needs of the market. The product range in the showroom now includes storage and retrieval machines, ergonomic work station systems, robotics, and conveying system components, plus the prize-winning Schäfer Case Picking (SCP) system. One particular highlight was the presentation of single and multi-level shuttles for pallets, trays, cartons, and bins. Another of the latest items displayed in the showroom was the winner of the IFOY Award 2016 – the WEASEL® automated guided vehicle (AGV), which transports cartons, bins, or a variety of other goods flexibly within the warehouse. The day concluded with a presentation showing mobile racks and linked work stations. "Following a successful event, our participants were clearly impressed, in particular by the guided tour of the Technology Center," sums up Marcus Illgen, responsible for promotion of SIMATIC IDENT RFID and optical recognition at Siemens AG. "The visit gave us a unique insight into the cutting-edge logistics solutions from SSI SCHAEFER that are setting standards within the industry, and the chance to see some of the areas previously discussed live in action."