The contract has been signed: Jan Maertens (r.), Managing Director of ABM, and

SSI Schaefer consolidates its position in Benelux with ABM takeover

The strategic decision was completed on August 2, 2017, with the signing of the contract. To further build on its competencies in the engineering and software sectors in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg, the world-leading system provider SSI Schaefer acquired ABM (Automation Beyond Measure).

With the takeover of ABM bvba (Ltd. in English), SSI Schaefer is underscoring its ambition of providing the widest range of products for intralogistics solutions around the world. It also represents another step in strengthening its local presence in Benelux. "With the purchase of ABM, we are organically expanding our range of services in Benelux. With the synergies created, we can deliver to the Benelux region holistic concepts in keeping with our company’s philosophy," explains Harrie Swinkels, CEO of SSI Schaefer Automation GmbH, on the strategic thinking behind the takeover of ABM. "Localization and customization are the keys to success. By joining with ABM, we are even closer to the customer and will also benefit from ABM's strong expertise in the field of individual picking solutions."

ABM was founded in 1994 as part of the Alltech Group with a strategic focus on Pick to Light subsystems. The company has since developed the picking technology sector and has its finger on the pulse of the latest trends with cutting-edge technologies such as Pick to Color, Pick to Image, and Pick to Label. In 2009, ABM also introduced a seamless human-machine interface (HMI) known as COMPASS Pick to Graphics. The PickART concept, introduced in 2012, combines smart batching, intelligent navigation, user-friendly communication, and an intuitive and flexible drop cart architecture. Since 2014, the multi-disciplinary team of engineers has been developing and implementing holistic, customer-oriented solutions, ranging from storage systems and transport concepts to software integration services. "In addition to its Benelux home market, ABM serves customers in Great Britain, France, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Our core sectors include food retail, food & beverage, fashion, and e-commerce," says Jan Maertens, Managing Director of ABM. "We are convinced that we can be a strong force in driving forward SSI Schaefer's local know-how and shaping a consistent market-sector approach in the Benelux region. We are delighted to have gained such a strong partner, both strategically and commercially."

High standards paired with an unwavering customer focus are areas of significant common ground between ABM and SSI Schaefer. As a family-owned company with a long-term strategy, SSI Schaefer takes a holistic view of the future and relies on stable, continual, and secure growth. The global strengths of the intralogistics specialists are developed through the targeted expansion of local competencies and locations. This is reflected in the development of local expertise in Benelux.