SSI SCHAEFER Wins Award for Supply Chain Transformation of the Year (Projects)

On 22 November 2018, the annual Supply Chain Asia (SCA) Awards were presented in 24 award categories in Singapore. SSI SCHAEFER, awarded with “Supply Chain Transformation of the Year (Projects)”, was recognized for its solution implementation in the Supply Chain City, which was judged based on the positive effects on transformation in terms of productivity, operating efficiency, and savings.

The SCA Awards, a night to recognize the efforts made by companies and individuals to the Supply Chain industry saw the top performers in this sector competing with one another to be the best of the best. Concluded on 22 November 2018 at Resorts World Sentosa, renowned global intralogistics solutions provider, SSI SCHAEFER, was handed with the award for “Supply Chain Transformation of the Year (Projects)” based on the solutions they provided at the Supply Chain City. Receiving this award jointly with its user, YCH Group, the solutions provided need to be attested by its user with evidence to show how the solution has helped boost efficiency and revenue, thus, showcasing the effects of transformation and adoption with innovative solutions.

“We are honored to be selected as the solutions provider for this prestigious project. At SSI SCHAEFER, we are committed to continuous research and development, driving forward new technologies that are suitable for market adoption to lower operational cost and to increase efficiency and productivity,” expressed Brian Miles, Regional Managing Director SSI SCHAEFER (Asia, MEA, ANZ).

“In this competitive market, innovation and producing custom-fit solutions are the key to meeting the needs of our customers. We are delighted to receive this award and are proud that this affirms our capability in producing yet another successful implementation which has proven to help our customer improve their operations,” continues Xavier Perello Pairada, Managing Director SSI SCHAEFER, South and South East Asia.

Using the patented concept of Fusionaris®, the Supply Chain City, owned by YCH Group, combines the usage of a Rack Clad Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) with ramp-up integrated storage solution. The ASRS system supplied by SSI SCHAEFER in the 65,000m2 facility is built to a height of 45m, creating space for more than 66,000 pallet locations with 18 cranes in operation.

A series of mezzanines with pallet conveyors for inbound and outbound cargo connects to 4 floors of the Regional Distribution Centre, where case and piece picking with other value-added services are undertaken. The cranes and conveying systems in the ASRS are automated using the SSI SCHAEFER’s intelligent warehouse management system, WAMAS®. YCH’s Wx3 Warehouse Management Solution enables the integration of WAMAS with YCH’s other automation processes and dock management system thereby achieving best-in-class seamless operational efficiencies at Fusionaris.

The installed SRM by SSI SCHAEFER are the new latest generation of Exyz storage and retrieval systems manufactured based on the highly innovative “green crane” technology. Coupled tandem drives in connection with a high-end safety control serve to achieve the required traction and brake safety with the most compact device geometries according to EN528. Compared to common storage and retrieval systems, the relevant dimensions can be reduced by approx. 2 m. This way, more storage locations can be implemented on a small footprint and thus effective storage capacity is considerably increased.

Supply Chain City is Asia’s premier supply chain nerve center that combines best-in-class warehousing capabilities with state-of-the-art office and amenities – in a human-focused environment designed for social interaction and knowledge exchange. Employing the latest technologies, equipment, and innovative practices, users will be able to leverage benchmark levels of efficiency and cost effectiveness to achieve seamless, end-to-end SCM solutions.

With a strong focus on scalability, flexibility, and optimization, Supply Chain City will reinforce Singapore’s position as a key supply chain hub and nerve center that connects Asia to the world.