Bin Conveyor system at Installation Training Centre in Latvia

SSI SCHAFER Latvia Training center develops together with Global Installation

The Training center in Latvia was established in 2018 with a vision to develop and improve the skills of installation staff, thus ensuring a more professional level of training, going to install projects within the SSI SCHAFER group in Europe and beyond. In 2021, together with Global Installation (Business Unit Logistics Solutions) and Graz, we started in-depth cooperation within the framework of projects, which means that the operation of the existing Training Center becomes strategically important not only locally in Latvia, but globally in the SSI SCHAFER group. Already now and in the years to come, the emphasis will be on the development of high-level specialists, future supervisors, in standardized product groups that are in line with the globally defined strategic vision of SSI SCHAFER.

In training of specialists at the Training Center, the greatest focus is on providing basic knowledge and developing an indepth professional approach so when going on site, they can focus on project implementation stages, operational issues and deadlines as effectively as possible. Briefly describing the above, the goal of SSI SCHAFER Latvia is to maintain already achieved quality and develop further competences in installation business, maintaining competitiveness throughout the changing and challenging market.

To do this, while developing human resources, we are increasing the range of product samples available on-site at the Training Center, that serve as a platform for practical training purposes. Until now, the shelves of the center housed mobile shelving installations, Logimat,  and now they are joined by a bin conveying system (BCS). This is undoubtedly a great contribution to the Training Center, given the company's strategic direction in increasing the installation projects’ capacity and quality of the installation of automated products. We would like to personally thank Florian Groß, Head of SSI SCHAFER Global Installation, who supported and organized the delivery of this new training tool to Latvia.

Bin Conveyor system at Installation Training Centre in Latvia

“In the future, the Training Center will play an increasingly important role in the development of the In-house training concept and will play an important role in the further development of the Latvian Installation Department. Here on site, the future specialist will be able to get deeper knowledge of SSI SCHAFER products, with its components, understand their electrical structure and how to perform the installation. The acquired knowledge will ensure that the employee will feel much better prepared when going to projects. Improving cooperation will also help to develop the mentoring system for installation workers. Currently, it is already being realized at the project Sievi in Finland, where there are employees who will meet the profile of future supervisors, which is in line with the set future strategic goals and the company's global quality standards, ”comments Kaspars Zemešs, the Head of the Training Center.

"This event serves as a good example of a high-quality and productive form of cooperation between the internal structural units of the SSI SCHAFER Group and marks another milestone for further integration of SSI SCHAFER Latvia into the Global Installation for SSI's automated products," comments Diana Ivancenko, Country Manager of SSI SCHAFER Latvia.

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