SSI SCHÄFER - Company Values

Company values

It all began with a box.

When Fritz Schäfer transformed customer requests to products almost 80 years ago.

When Fritz Schäfer founded a manufacturing company for sheet metal products in 1937 no one ever suspected that the company would one day become the world’s leading provider of solutions for logistics systems and products.

Fritz Schäfer had a very special talent that continues to shape our company today: the ability to think outside the box. This has given rise to international expansion and new business areas. We have the ability to identify our customers’ problems and needs. Instead of simply offering the most obvious solution we create the solution that truly solves the customer’s problems.

In the process, we have become a “one-stop shop” and provide complete systems. These solutions are pragmatic, effective, and forward-looking.

We listen to our customers and have retained our curiosity. That is why we search for solutions beyond the obvious.