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Preventive Services

Optimum system protection

Preventive maintenance is carried out by our specially trained service technicians with the help of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (SSI SCHAEFER CMMS).

The SSI SCHAEFER CMMS is an electronic service portal to efficiently manage and control maintenance and repair work on your system. Big data is a central aspect of Industry 4.0. With the help of the SSI SCHAEFER CMMS relevant data can be stored, consolidated and visualized in order to derive profound conclusions.


  • Paperless processes and electronic documentation of maintenance activities

  • Continuous overview of your system’s maintenance history

  • Permanent availability of technical documentation

  • Problem preventing via analysis of the long-term data

  • Preventive maintenance planning and optimization

  • Detailed list of the maintenance tasks for every component in the system

  • Effective organization of the maintenance work

  • List of used spare parts and convenient recording via the SSI SCHAEFER web shop in the service portal

In addition to the actual maintenance activities, preventive services also include inspections, safety inspections, system monitoring along with training for your employees. You benefit from enhanced system availability through early defect and wear detection.



The maintenance activities include both the visual and acoustic assessment along with all activities that are necessary to maintain the system’s specified condition. SSI SCHAEFER carries out the maintenance with experienced and certified service technicians. As a result, any necessary work can be carried out already in the course of the maintenance.


Our inspections ensure that you are always clearly informed about the condition of your system. The use of experienced service technicians ensures a reliable assessment of the current condition of the entire system.

  • Regular inspections by qualified staff

  • Knowledge of the current state of the system based on the inspection report

  • Detailed status report of the system


Safety Inspection

Operators in the European Union must carry out a safety inspection at least once a year in order to verify the safe condition of the system in accordance with country-specific directives. SSI SCHAEFER carries out these inspections with the help of specially trained service technicians.

  • Proof that all personal protection devices function correctly and are effective

  • Reduced costs as no additional inspections by a separate authority are required

  • Less administrative overhead and production restrictions as the safety inspection is carried out together with other inspections and maintenance activities

Rack Inspection

The standard EN 15635 “Application and maintenance of storage equipment” governs the scope and procedure for inspecting storage facilities.                                                                                                                               SSI SCHAEFER’s own officially certified racking system inspectors carry out the inspections via a visual control. The results are documented and indicated by an inspection badge. If repairs are required, the replacement is carried out quickly and by a qualified employee.






The following racking systems require inspection:

System Monitoring

System monitoring encompasses all measures necessary to ensure that the warehouse computing systems remain operational over the long term. SSI SCHAEFER carries out the monitoring with the help of a special tool and by qualified technicians via remote service.

  • Manual assessment at regular intervals to identify and eliminate deficiencies

  • Identification of potential faults through long-term observation

  • Rapid reaction to system error messages

  • Provision of solution proposals and performance data in a monthly report

Training and Certification

Your facilities and systems need to be used correctly in order to achieve their full potential and prevent unnecessary downtime. SSI SCHAEFER offers you the required training directly after commissioning and when needed. The training is always concluded with a certificate.

  • Maintenance training at the system’s location or at our technology center

  • Operator and administrator training (optional re-training after changes in staff)

  • Qualified trainers with extensive professional expertise (available in various languages)

  • Online learning platform for continuous and independent training of your technicians
    (SSI eAcademy)

Case Study Schaeffler

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Optimum system protection

In addition to the actual maintenance activities, preventive services also include inspections, safety inspections, system monitoring along with training for your employees. You benefit from enhanced system availability through early defect and wear detection.


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