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The traditional differentiation between "brick and mortar business" and "mail order business" sales channels has merged into one omnichannel model. E-commerce in the fashion industry has experienced rapid growth thanks to permanent goods availability and fast delivery. The possibility to try on clothes in front of your own mirror, free returns, and low prices thanks to intense competition have significantly increased the demands in the internal material flow for producers and retailers.

Especially when dealing with multiple sales channels, the complexity of the logistic processes increases. Customers expect favourable prices and also best possible service – both online as well as in-store. A flawless cross-channel shopping experience, such as buying online and collecting the items at a store (“Click and Collect”), must be guaranteed.

Modular system for complex requirements of fashion logistics

To meet these challenges, SSI SCHAEFER developed a modular system of intralogistics solutions for the fashion industry. State-of-the-art products and technologies enable efficient storing and handling of hanging and flat goods as well as stable efficiency despite daily and seasonal order fluctuations. They also offer fast processing of e-commerce orders and returns, and optimum preparation of goods for shipping to stores (store-friendly delivery).

Thanks to our industry-specific know-how, we jointly develop and implement a custom, flexible and scalable solution that can be adapted to your future requirements. Our expert team designs, engineers, implements, and provides services regardless of application size or if it’s an expansion or a new facility.

Solutions from SSI SCHÄFER:


  • Efficient operation of single channel and omnichannel

  • Fast processing of e-commerce orders (same-day/next-day delivery)

  • Pre-sorting of goods for shipping to stores (store-friendly delivery)

  • Permanent goods availability with increasing product portfolio due to frequent changes of lines

  • Optimum storage and handling of a wide product range (hanging goods, flat goods)

  • Flexible handling of seasonal and daily peaks

  • Efficient and fast returns handling

Benefits of a cooperation with SSI SCHAEFER

  • SSI SCHAEFER is a leading solution provider of modular warehousing and logistics systems. If you choose to work with SSI SCHAEFER, your team will benefit from many years of experience and expertise in the industry.

  • Our fashion expert team has long-term project experience with leading international fashion companies. We understand the challenges of your business, e.g. seasonal changes, large SKU quantities, returns handling and the need for reduced work load and footprint.

  • Our wide range of products and solutions covers the entire internal material flow and forms the foundation for industry-specific solutions developed to precisely meet your requirements.

  • Our customers benefit from the fact that a large part of components is manufactured by the SSI SCHAEFER Group.

  • As a global general contractor, we deliver complete logistic systems, from comprehensive system planning and consultation, to IPMA-certified project management, right through to turn-key systems with tailored service and maintenance packages. If desired, we will also be happy to manage the planning and construction for your project in our own in-house construction department.

SSI SCHÄFER created a comprehensive solution for the Finnish store chain Stockmann. The system is designed to handle a throughput of 55,000 order items with 180,000 individual pieces per day. The shuttle warehouse with 130,500 container spaces for double-deep storage is the heart of the Stockmann system concept. The 3D-Matrix Solution® offers Stockmann a unique degree of process flexibility and efficiency derived from storage, buffering, and sequencing systems.


Versatile overhead conveying system for parallel processing of different sales channels

SSI Carrier

The pouch sorter, SSI Carrier, flexibly transports, sorts, and sequences hanging and flat goods in one system. It processes smaller orders that are typical for e-commerce as well as larger retail orders in any combination with a high level of efficiency. The SSI Carrier is crucial for fast returns processing. After a check, returned goods that are in high demand are re-stored directly in the dynamic buffer of the SSI Carrier. The goods are thus immediately back in the system and fully automatically available for new orders and re-shipment at any time – ideal for just-in-time or same-day delivery. The SSI Carrier uses standardized components and can be combined modularly and variably to form complex systems, which can expand as business grows.

Case studies from fashion logistics

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Case Study Stockmann

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In the field of overhead conveying technology, SSI SCHAEFER offers two products that are suitable for handling goods on hangers, which are the SSI Single and the SSI Carrier technology.

The SSI Single is a system developed to transport and sort hanging goods, particularly for the retail and omnichannel business. After goods-in, the items are temporarily stored in the hanging goods storage area until needed. After picking, the goods on hangers are transported to goods-out where they are sorted by a sorting system.

The SSI Carrier offers the possibility to transport flat and hanging goods in one system and is particularly suitable for the e-commerce business. Flat and hanging goods can be fed into the system manually or automatically. With the matrix sorter, the system can be operated largely independent of the order size and allows sequencing of items even within an order. An optional dynamic buffer offers the possibility to handle returns or fast-moving items, store them temporarily and feed them into the matrix sorter fully automatically. Thus, the SSI Carrier is perfectly suited for special requirements in e-commerce. It combines a maximum flexibility with a short processing time and high sorting performance.

Compared to manual picking, picking with goods-to-person work stations can enable a picking performance of up to 1,000 picks per hour while reducing picking errors and improving inventory accuracy.

Our automated systems and the logistics software WAMAS® by SSI SCHAEFER enable effective order management to prioritize orders, which were received last-minute, and to ship them on the same day.

SSI SCHAEFER overhead conveying systems not only ensure gentle transport of hanging goods (and also flat goods using the SSI Carrier), but the space underneath can also be used for efficient storage and transport of flat goods. The SSI Carrier also offers a particularly space-saving solution with the possibility of a double-deck construction.

SSI SCHAEFER offers specially designed work stations for returns handling. In combination with the modular pouch sorter SSI Carrier, by SSI SCHAEFER, temporary storage, buffering, and re-inserting of returns are possible. After a check, returned goods that are in high demand are stored directly in the SSI Carrier. The goods are thus immediately back in the system and are fully automatically available for new orders and re-shipment at any time.

No matter whether your order profile changes on a regular basis or whether you have to deal with seasonal peaks that are high above average – SSI SCHAEFER develops and implements tailor-made, flexible and scalable systems that can be adapted to the growing demands of your company.


Industry expertise and system solutions for fashion logistics

Expertise in every industry

The expertise of SSI SCHAEFER includes specific know-how and long-time experience with individual solutions.

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