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Ensuring international goods availability for HARIBO with a centralized, fully-automated distribution center


Tasty creations from worldwide known HARIBO – Gold-Bears, licorice wheels, Happy Cola candies, and more – are well known and loved. But a number of tasks needs to be completed before these sweet treats can be enjoyed. From sourcing ingredients, to manufacturing, distribution and delivery to retailers, where each product finds its way to consumers, HARIBO treats migrate through a number of distribution feats. In addition to taste and quality, intelligent systems and solutions that operate in the background help con tribute to the success of HARIBO. As the general contractor for building and logistics, SSI SCHÄFER has achieved this goal by delivering a fully automated distribution center.

For nearly a century, HARIBO was headquartered in Bonn, in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Now, its HQ is moving to Grafschaft, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. HARIBO is also establishing a new production facility at this location. It is the largest standalone project in company history; the production area alone spans seven soccer fields. HARIBO has created approximately 750 jobs at the new site, which 350 of these jobs have been transferred from Bonn to Grafschaft. Offices, production lines, packaging plants, and a central logistics warehouse, covering an area of 27 hectares, have been erected at the Innovationspark Rheinland, right next to the A61 freeway. SSI SCHÄFER built a silo-style high-bay warehouse that is 120 meters long, 100 meters wide, and 43 meters high, which covers 24,000 square meters. The warehouse has a capacity of 92,800 pallet storage locations. A total of 22 energy-efficient Exyz storage and retrieval machines ensure storage for 645 pallets with the ability of retrieving 590 pallets every hour. This function serves as the backbone of a manufacturing infrastructure designed to meet the imperatives of the 21st century. Or as fans of the brand might put it, the Gold-Bears have found a new home.

"SSI SCHÄFER has made our vision a reality. They took our high-level plans and turned them into a fully viable facility, just as we had imagined. Despite the pressure to deliver an exceptional warehouse, the chemistry between the two parties was always good."

Stefan Sorce, Managing Director Haribo Logistics Company



From the outset, HARIBO was well aware of the huge task at hand. It was essential to choose the right partner and to avoid multiple supplier interfaces. This prompted a decision in favor of a one-stop solution from SSI SCHAEFER. The company has a deep understanding of the industry and its processes and was able to deliver multiple systems and components with in-house manufacturing resources. This meant HARIBO could be sure of effective project coordination. This was an important point, as HARIBO had a tight timeline – with just two years from start to finish. SSI SCHAEFER passed the test with flying colors, not only staying within budget but completing ahead of schedule.

  • Cost optimization and greater efficiency for internal processes to streamline workflow routes

  • Increased availability of goods and quality assurance, even at peak times, through fully automated goods flows

  • Bi-directional link between production and logistics

  • Low space utilization and high redundancy levels through mirroring of material flows throughout two levels

  • Efficiency gain through customer-, route- and day-specific sequencing in goods-out

  • 24/7 resident maintenance service team on site

  • Establishment of a logistics hub for distribution of goods across Europe

  • Intelligent control and management of all intralogistics processes using WAMAS® logistics software


This custom solution combines the creation of a logistics concept, a seamless execution and planning, and the turn-key construction of a central warehouse. The new build comprises roof and wall coverings, standard building services like sprinkler systems and the base foundation. Furthermore, traditional SSI SCHAEFER automation system components like a pallet conveying system, storage and retrieval machines, and the high-bay warehouse – including a special flavoring warehouse and manually operated rack systems were included in the construction. To visualize the processes and workflows and to control, monitor, and optimize productivity, HARIBO uses WAMAS® Lighthouse from SSI SCHAEFER. Freely configurable dashboards enable visualization of the logistics cycle, while the display of key performance indicators makes logistics processes more efficient. In addition, SSI SCHAEFER has set up goods-in, goods-out, and loading areas. A semi-automated, order-specific picking area, an assembly area, and manual warehouse areas span several floors. Internal transport is carried out by two rail-guided vehicle systems and a pallet conveying system.

To enable direct delivery of pallets from production, a bridge links the production building to the logistics center. The central warehouse encompasses two stories. In conjunction with the condensed storage design, there is a second advantage, which enables important material flows to link the high-bay warehouse to adjacent logistics areas. These two levels provide a natural redundancy, which means all areas can be supplied and emptied safely at any time. This offers HARIBO a high level of safety and a high level of service in its daily customer deliveries. Suppliers from numerous European countries are bringing goods to the new distribution center, which primarily serves Germany, France, and the Benelux states. In the past, the confectionary producer operated several external warehouses, which are now being gradually phased out and replaced by the new central warehouse in Grafschaft and a smaller high-bay warehouse at the Solingen site.


For stock management and process control, HARIBO is using WAMAS® logistics software from SSI SCHAEFER. Numerous functionalities of the warehouse management suite are in use for this application – including some additional features tailored to specific HARIBO processes. WAMAS® combines all intralogistics components into one intelligent system. All intralogistics processes at HARIBO are automatically managed and controlled, from efficient and flexible order processing to goods movement and resource optimization, right through to provision and analysis of logistics performance indicators. A technical highlight of the system is the 100 per cent automated sequencing in goods-out through the use of a multi level goods-out buffer. This is where pallets are prepared for loading across several buffer stations in an optimal sequence for outbound delivery. This customer-specific, route-specific, and day-specific sequencing results in large efficiency gains when it comes to shipping. Trucks are loaded with a specific type of product for a specific customer or with several products combined for different unloading stations.

SSI Resident Maintenance® employees work on-site over two shifts, to ensure smooth operation within the system on a permanent basis. Thanks to the support of well-trained and experienced personnel, maximum availability of the system is achieved while maintaining a high degree of utilization. Spare parts management and direct access to specialists for PLCs and software via the SSI SCHAEFER hotline are integral components of this solution. Furthermore, the team monitors the system using the WAMAS® Lighthouse visualization system, which records, analyzes, and documents all essential system characteristics. The SSI Resident Maintenance® service module is playing an increasingly important role, especially in projects of this size. HARIBO can therefore concentrate on its core business and leave the 24/7 system support in the experienced hands of service employees.


Spectacular insights into the two family businesses’ mammoth project

SSI SCHAEFER was awarded end-to-end responsibility for construction and logistics for the new warehouse. What is behind this: HARIBO’s success is not just about great taste and high-quality products, it also hinges on seamless, behind-the-scences warehousing – to ensure the ongoing availability of their delicious goods. The individual solution is characterized by a powerful high-bay warehouse with more than 92,000 pallet storage locations and 22 energy-efficient storage and retrieval machines, some 2.6 km of conveyors, and the WAMAS® logistics software as well as the WAMAS® Lighthouse logistics cockpit.

WAMAS® in practice

The intralogistics software in use at HARIBO


If intralogistics is an orchestra, then IT is the conductor. WAMAS® software developed by SSI SCHÄFER manages multiple components, combining them to create a single, harmonious and intelligently controlled whole. At the same time, intralogistics is one of the keys to digital transformation in...

HARIBO - A tale of little Gold-Bears and major challenges


An efficient and fully automated storage and retrieval system is absolutely essential for optimizing complex storage processes and gaining the full benefit of potential savings in terms of reliability, availability, and space utilization.

high-bay warehouse with a capacity of 92,800 pallet storage locations


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Ensuring international goods availability for HARIBO with a centralized, fully-automated distribution center

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