Solution Components


For stock management and process control, HARIBO is using WAMAS® logistics software from SSI SCHAEFER. Numerous functionalities of the warehouse management suite are in use for this application – including some additional features tailored to specific HARIBO processes. WAMAS® combines all intralogistics components into one intelligent system. All intralogistics processes at HARIBO are automatically managed and controlled, from efficient and flexible order processing to goods movement and resource optimization, right through to provision and analysis of logistics performance indicators. A technical highlight of the system is the 100 per cent automated sequencing in goods-out through the use of a multi level goods-out buffer. This is where pallets are prepared for loading across several buffer stations in an optimal sequence for outbound delivery. This customer-specific, route-specific, and day-specific sequencing results in large efficiency gains when it comes to shipping. Trucks are loaded with a specific type of product for a specific customer or with several products combined for different unloading stations.

SSI Resident Maintenance® employees work on-site over two shifts, to ensure smooth operation within the system on a permanent basis. Thanks to the support of well-trained and experienced personnel, maximum availability of the system is achieved while maintaining a high degree of utilization. Spare parts management and direct access to specialists for PLCs and software via the SSI SCHAEFER hotline are integral components of this solution. Furthermore, the team monitors the system using the WAMAS® Lighthouse visualization system, which records, analyzes, and documents all essential system characteristics. The SSI Resident Maintenance® service module is playing an increasingly important role, especially in projects of this size. HARIBO can therefore concentrate on its core business and leave the 24/7 system support in the experienced hands of service employees.