Case Study ES3 LLC

Decrease costs, increase efficiency, increase service level – with focus on quality pallet packing

The solution: SSI SCHÄFER's Case Picking System, the award winning solution that offers high performance with uniform automated processes from goods receiving to goods shipping.

The Schäfer Case Picking is a holistic, modular designed and extendable system solution. When building a pallet, a pack pattern generator calculates the optimal stacking order of the goods, using machine vision technology. This leads to higher efficiency and fewer damaged goods. The design of the automated solution for ES3 includes the entire process from goods receiving via storage to volume-optimized pallet creation.


The right solution for every industry. SSI SCHÄFER’s expertise combines specific know-how with extensive experience to deliver tailored solutions.

Expertise for every sector. The expertise of SSI SCHÄFER: specialist know-how

Expertise for every sector. The expertise of SSI SCHÄFER : specialist know-how and many years of experience in producing customized solutions.

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