AGV 2Pick®

Efficient person-to-goods picking with 2Pick®

2Pick® is the perfect auto-guided transport system (AGV) for the person-to-goods picking process. The AGV transports containers, pallets, and other load carriers to receive the picked articles. 2Pick® navigates autonomously to the various warehouse positions and waits there for the picked articles. After the order has been completed, the load carriers are switched automatically. Paperless procedures, low error rates for picking, and optimized paths are just some of the advantages of this semi-automated, AGV-supported process when comparing it to manual picking.

SSI SCHAEFER’s 2Pick® vehicles are ideally designed for use with innovative 2Lite lithium battery technology. As a result, 2Pick® can operate 24 hours a day without any problem, allowing the entire auto-guided transport fleet to work at optimum capacity. In combination with 2Lite, 2Pick® represents maximum performance with cost-efficient power supply.

A fleet controller manages and optimizes all transport orders. The system can receive the orders from every warehouse management system.
SSI SCHAEFER’s software solutions ensure that you retain perfect control over your logistics.


You can choose from two models with different strengths. The 2Pick® cp (case picking) model is specially designed for transporting heavy loads such as pallets or roll containers. 2Pick® pp (piece picking) is a specialist solutions designed to transport containers and cartons for piece picking.

Both models support semi-automated solutions such as static, pallet, and dynamic flow racks in combination with Pick by Light, Pick by Voice and Pick by Vision applications together with vertical lifts such as our LOGIMAT® storage lift. As such, 2Pick® is designed for maximum flexibility and compatibility.

  • Enhanced efficiency through optimized paths

  • Optimum material flow

  • Semi-automated picking

  • Cost-efficient power supply via 2Lite lithium battery technology

  • Paperless processes

  • The highest reliability when compiling orders