AGV 2Stack

AGV 2Stack®

The auto-guided 2Stack® transport system automatically handles pallets of every type

2Stack® is the ideal auto-guided transport system for automated pallet handling in warehouses, picking systems, and production environments. High performance and an excellent price-performance ratio are key features of the auto-guided 2Stack® transport system from SSI SCHAEFER.  

With support arms in the middle or at the sides, 2Stack® is excellently designed for picking up and stacking pallets. Extensive use in small warehouses and tight spaces is no problem. In addition, 2Stack® is outstandingly suited to moving goods between different storage areas. This includes transfers from the floor to mid-height shelves. Our model with a two-stage boom is capable of moving loads of up to 1.5 tonnes and has a maximum lifting height of 4 meters.

Innovative battery concept and intelligent control system

2Stack® vehicles utilize the innovative 2Lite lithium battery technology. As a consequence, the 2Stack® can operate 24 hours a day without any problem, allowing the entire auto-guided transport fleet to work to optimum capacity. 2Stack® in combination with 2Lite represents maximum performance with cost-efficient power supply.

A fleet controller manages and optimizes all of the transport orders. The system can receive the relevant orders from any desired warehouse management system. This software solution from SSI SCHAEFER ensures that you retain perfect control of your logistics.


  • Automated pallet handling

  • Gentle transport

  • 1.5 tonnes payload, 4 meter lifting height

  • Optimum material flow

  • Good price-performance ratio

  • Pick-up/delivery pallets from and to positions on the floor, conveyors, end-of-line equipment (robots, foil wrappers, palletizers) or work stations

  • Enables transport between incoming goods, material handling and dispatch or distant work stations

  • Used in buffer warehouses, production, and shipping

  • Cost-efficient power supply via 2Lite lithium battery technology


For fast reacting and accurate transport in the warehouse they are getting ever so popular: SSI SCHAEFER‘s hive-mind AGVs. They are able to communicate with one another as well as get organized independently and in a decentralized way for completing their tasks efficiently.

Highligy efficient logisticss solution with AGV technology

Longchamp, long known for the racehorse embossed on their handbags and leather accessories, also brings the qualities of power and speed their logo invokes into their warehouse with fully automatic pallet transport by automated guided vehicles from SSI SCHAEFER MoTuM. Since the beginning of 2015 a total of eight vehicles have ensured efficient material flow between the finished goods warehouse and the picking work stations.

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