Conveying and transporting large load carriers

Customized solutions

Modular transport solutions that you can dynamically adapt: SSI SCHAEFER offers you customized solutions for transporting material within your company on diverse large load carriers. These solutions range from static conveyors to auto-guided transport systems. Utilizing a modular design, the solutions are perfectly configured to match your requirements and can also be flexibly expanded. SSI SCHAEFER has the right transport solution for your large load carriers, such as pallets, roll containers or other systems.

Ergonomic optimization thanks to ergonomics@work!®

We place great value on ergonomic aspects wherever people interact directly with our conveyor systems. SSI SCHAEFER’s ergnomics@work!® are easy and comfortable for operators to interact with and use plastic or wooden cladding instead of cold metal. This approach enhances productivity.


Comprehensive expertise

With decades of experience, SSI SCHAEFER offers you proprietary, one-stop solutions. Our services span planning and consulting, technology, and controls along with the integration into existing systems.

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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Pallet conveying system

Conveying and transporting large load carriers

Euro size containers made of plastic from SSI SCHAEFER

Conveying and transporting with small part carriers

Case Study Stockmann

Overhead conveyor technology

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  • Complete solutions from a single source

  • Modular solutions

  • Consistently high productivity thanks to reliable components

  • State-of-the-art technology ensures high throughput

  • Ergonomic optimization

  • Comprehensive expertise and in-house manufacturing

Pallet Conveying System at Schaeffler

Pallet conveying systems

Roller Converyors

Roll container conveyors

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Systems and Solutions for Error-Fee Processes and Efficient Material flows

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