Tray Conveyor System

Tray conveying systems

Efficient transport and buffering of trays

Tray conveying systems use case conveying technology to transport and buffer both full and empty trays and roll containers between depalletizing and separation.

SSI SCHAEFER’s tray conveying systems utilize conveyor elements specially designed for transporting grid trays. The conveying system components include both belt and roller conveyors as well as lifting and turning stations. As an example of an operation, trays can be transported for storage using a tray buffer system. Other system elements such as layer storage, vertical conveyors, shuttle cars, and diverse attachments complement the portfolio.

The combination of the above with case-wheeler technology enables fully automated removal of articles from trays, either in layers or individually. The articles are transferred from the tray for removal, using individually-controlled driven rollers on elements of the case conveying system.



  • Convey and buffer trays and roll containers weighing up to 200 kg

  • Temperature range from -28°C to +45°C

  • Profile design enables a modular layout

  • Clamp connections ensure that all important components can be easily and safely fitted

  • Gentle product transport through the use of rubber belts 

  • Protective plates prevent unintentional access to moving parts

  • The height of the supports can be adjusted to compensate for uneven floors

  • Robust and flexible due to the special support profile

  • Rubber rollers or belts are used to reduce noise and increase efficiency

  • Combining with elements of the Schaefer Case Picking (SCP) systems enables other functions such as separation with a case wheeler in the smallest possible space

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