SSI Carrier

The SSI Carrier system is a modular pouch conveyor with numerous options

The core of the SSI Carrier overhead conveying system is the primary load carrier - the so-called carrier. The roller adapter running on the inside receives, transports and identifies different secondary load carriers such as hangers or pouches, depending on requirements.

The roller adapter and hanging load carriers include an RFID transponder. As a consequence, this conveying system is extremely reliable. As an alternative, barcodes can also be used. High throughput, low maintenance, and universal usage for goods weighing up to 3 kilograms are just some of the key features of this SSI SCHAEFER Carrier system.

Numerous functions united in one system

One of the most unique features of our SSI Carrier system is its flexibility. One load carrier enables accumulation, buffering, distributing, and sorting of goods.


Reliable, versatile and unique

Carrier: A roller adapter capable of reliably transporting a diverse range of load carriers and identifying them via RFID or barcode. The large opening is ideal for a broad product spectrum.

Circulation conveyor: There are almost no limits to the length of the overall conveyor. It is capable of transporting both horizontally and vertically up to an incline of 30°.

Accumulation conveyor: The accumulation conveyor serves to transport, accumulate, single, sort, and buffer the load carriers on horizontal conveying sections. The carrier combines both the transport and accumulation functions. A broad variety of goods densities can be transported without having to define the spacing.

Diverter: The switch and branching element connects the circulation and accumulation conveyor sections. The Diverter can be positioned anywhere along the route, enabling you to completely customize the route layout.

  • Extremely high sorting accuracy, load securing, and process reliability

  • Lying goods and hanging goods can be transported at the same time 

  • User-friendly due to easy operation

  • Flexible due to optimum space usage

  • Long service life, low maintenance

  • Cost-effective implementation of dynamic warehouses

  • Precision and error prevention through RFID

  • Optimize the sorting process

  • Rapid re-availability of returns


The highly-dynamic pouch sorter system for eCommerce and omni-channel distribution.

The intelligent way from loading to packaging

The SSI Carrier is a modularly designed pouch conveyor used for hanging
transport of different items like shoes, electrical devices, toys, household
appliances, cosmetics and garments.


SSI Carrier

The highly-dynamic puch sorter system for e-commerce and omni-channel distribution

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