The central elements of our SSI Carrier system:

Carrier: A roller adapter capable of reliably transporting a diverse range of load carriers and identifying them via RFID or barcode. The large opening is ideal for a broad product spectrum.

Circulation conveyor: There are almost no limits to the length of the overall conveyor. It is capable of transporting both horizontally and vertically up to an incline of 30°.

Accumulation conveyor: The accumulation conveyor serves to transport, accumulate, single, sort, and buffer the load carriers on horizontal conveying sections. The carrier combines both the transport and accumulation functions. A broad variety of goods densities can be transported without having to define the spacing.

Diverter: The switch and branching element connects the circulation and accumulation conveyor sections. The Diverter can be positioned anywhere along the route, enabling you to completely customize the route layout.